As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Photo of the Day Part 2 || Trump Sits in Churchill’s Chair at Chequers

16 Responses to Photo of the Day Part 2 || Trump Sits in Churchill’s Chair at Chequers

  1. He looks comfortable sitting there.

    There isn’t one person, in the whole world, who generates more hysteria, enthusiasm, controversy, and does it all with his ideas and agenda than Donald Trump. When a population of a foreign country feels a need to protest whatever he’s doing in the US, or markets on every continent fluctuates with his moves, then he is a world leader of proportions not seen for generations.
    Who could have foreseen this two years ago, who would have even dreamed that D.Trump, wealthy, real estate developer would prove to be the world’s mover and shaker?

  2. He has a right to be weary — being the post-modern version of Atlas holding up the world is a job of work. God bless him and keep him — I’m VERY glad he’s ours.

  3. He’s great… I want more great…

    Cut govt size…. EPA, Dept of Ed, Dept of Energy, Dept of whatever… let’s have this big leader take on even bigger stuff.

    Time to move fast….. the window is only open so long… then a libtard will be president again…

    Hopefully Breyer and RBG decide to retire soon… Need more winning

  4. Listening to the Lefties in the UK on wifi radio programs comment on Trump sitting in Churchill’s chair. You can guess. “How dare he? Who does Trump think he is? Revolting!” LOL. Yet, the UK Lefties despise Churchill, both when he was alive and now.