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Photo of the Day || The Donald and The Queen – July 13, 2018

15 thoughts on “Photo of the Day || The Donald and The Queen – July 13, 2018”

  1. This 93yr old woman is just standing there on the stage, waiting. Waiting. She doesn’t ask for a chair or a cane or even a arm. The Trump’s arrive, she greets them warmly(?), the anthems are played, then the walk down to inspect the ‘troops’. ( the troops played every American military anthem).
    She walks back to the stage, climbs the stairs.
    All through this, MrTrump looks like he wants to steady her, offer his arm, anything – he looks worried as she walks down the stairs.
    She does it all. What a woman.
    I want what her staff is giving her!

    1. I think this woman is as strong and beautiful as God makes ’em. She has more than earned her stripes as a monarch and a mom. She’s an awesome lady.

  2. Queen Elizabeth II is wonderful! The longest reigning monarch in history, still often making as many as four appearances a day, always impeccably dressed, always appearing to be interested in what’s going on, always courteous. She’s a bloody marvel!

  3. Two doughty warriors. This is so much better to see than Michelle Obama placing her hands all over the Queen’s person and behaving as if the Queen is feeble minded.

  4. No doubt about it. She carries herself well, comfortably, confidently, seems to be completely engaged in events when she plays a role, takes the job of being Queen very seriously. There’s plenty of criticism targeted at others members of the Royal family, but not at Elizabeth. I recently watched a television special where she invited a reporter inside the residence and they basically sat down and had a long chat about life, her role, current events, etc. She came across as bright, alert, informed, witty and engaging. Was very nice.

        1. Not only did he give her a CD of his speeches, if I recall … it was in a format they couldn’t play in the UK.

          Which was probably a good thing, now that I think about it.

      1. You won’t hear the MSM talk about the Obama’s screwups with Her Majesty, but they will nitpick every move President Trump makes.

  5. The Queen is of the ‘greatest’ generation & the President is a boomer & it looks like there is no ‘generation gap’ which is how it should have been after WWII.

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