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White House Calls to Expand Welfare Work Requirement: Most Recipients Not Disabled

A new report by the White House Council of Economic Advisors finds that most recipients of major federal welfare programs are healthy and that most only work a few hours a week. So, it’s time to expand work requirements again, as was done in the 1990s.

Non-disabled working-age adults made up the majority of adult recipients on Medicaid (61 percent), the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (67 percent), and rental housing assistance programs (59 percent) as of December 2013, based on data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP). Figure 1 (vertical axis) shows that the majority of these adult recipients worked few if any hours each week while receiving benefits: 60 percent of Medicaid, 60 percent of SNAP, and 52 percent of housing-assisted non-disabled working-age recipients worked fewer than 20 hours per week.

Self- sufficiency has been declining in recent decades while material hardship has fallen, motivating a renewed focus on building self-sufficiency via work requirements . . . evidence suggests that welfare programs that require work in return for benefits increase adult employment and may improve children’s outcomes.

Current labor markets are extremely tight and unemployment rates are at very low levels, even for low-skilled workers. Still, even if work requirements improve outcomes for the majority of affected recipients, some may experience negative effects, which is why it is important to design requirements carefully and to support recipients overcoming barriers to employment (e.g., lack of access to childcare, mental illness, or criminal records). Ultimately, expanded work requirements can improve the lives of current welfare recipients and at the same time respect the importance and dignity of work.

What a change from the Obama administration, when White House officials were devoted to increasing dependency by trying to sign up more people for welfare.

H/T Washington Examiner.

5 Responses to White House Calls to Expand Welfare Work Requirement: Most Recipients Not Disabled

  1. No wonder some of the population is in such a tizzy over the crackdown on illegal immigration. Nobody to work and they might be forced into working. God forbid.

  2. That all sounds good, but is a waste of time, money and good will.
    For most of the people collecting “welfare”, there is no job for them, and employers look askance at job applicants who have no educational skills, no job skills, and probably have never even held a part-time job in their lives.
    The millions of illegal aliens collecting government ‘freebies’ will never work in America. Their children might get the education and work skills for future employment, but the adults are a lost cause.
    The adults don’t speak English, most are severely illiterate, and other than the most basics of menial labor are unemployable.

  3. I worked in Medicaid health insurance. In company meetings where we got higher numbers of ‘moochers’ got us free lunch!
    That sickened me.
    One totally abusive “patient” has been in the local restaurant business in Tucson since 1946! The grand-dad owner somehow mooched his way into free health insurance when he had a heart attack!
    Way too many people that CAN work, just don’t. Yes, there are the unemployables, but there are many, many government suckers that are lazy & refuse to work when they can lay around all day smoking pot, drinking or getting pregnant so they get even more freebies.
    I had to quit that job because of the crazy abuse I witnessed every day.
    Yay for President Trump !!

  4. I am of the opinion those who are capable of working collect welfare instead of working are smart. Why would they work when the government pays their way.

  5. Welfare needs to change from being a hand out to a hand up. Everyone needs help of some sort at some time, and it should be available. Requiring some effort to go with the help is good for everyone.
    Liberals always blather about self-esteem. Work is good for one’s self-esteem.