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Gohmert to Strzok: Did you Look so Innocent When You Lied to Your Wife?

Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, provoked a minor uproar in the House Judiciary Committee hearing room when he made a direct allusion to FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s unfaithfulness to his wife.

Strzok’s texts with his paramour Lisa Page are what demonstrated the anti-Trump bias he held as he investigated Hillary Clinton and then Donald Trump’s campaign.

Sure, Gohmert went too far. But I know he just couldn’t stand the bemused, contemptuous little look Strzok had on his face.

From the bits I’ve seen of the briefing, this Strzok is arrogant, unrepentant, and condescending. Personally, I can’t help but feel a guilty pleasure that his basic lack of integrity was brought up as he claims to have conducted honest investigations untainted by what was not just bias, but extraordinary anger and contempt toward Trump.

14 Responses to Gohmert to Strzok: Did you Look so Innocent When You Lied to Your Wife?

  1. Strzok kept repeating he could not answer the question because it was part of an ongoing investigation. What a great way of saying I am not going to answer your question.

  2. If I could have slapped the arrogant smirk and attitude off the face of Strzok, through my tv I would have. These civil servants have long forgotten who they really work for.

  3. Listening and watching Strzok today was a revolting first hand view of the Deep State. Snarky, arrogant, bobbing and weaving, self-righteous, cocky, imperious, smug–you name it. I would say more but FBI Counsel advises me that I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation. ;+}

  4. Please Keith, enlighten us as to how Rep. Gohmert “went too far”. I believe you have been in Washington too long, is that going “too far”?

  5. Rep. Gohmert did not go too far at all. I’m glad he had the cajones to address the elephant in the room. Let’s not forget that the reason there are thousands of texts is because Strzok and Page were in an extramarital affair. If they were just simple, professional colleagues, there’s no way they would have been texting each other hundreds of times a week, swearing like they did, and bashing Trump like that in text messages.

    Also, shouldn’t an FBI agent be immediately dismissed for compromising himself by having an affair with a coworker? Between that and all his texts, it’s unbelievable that this arrogant jackass still has a job.

  6. He didn’t go too far, Keith. If the man can lie to his wife this way, how can we believe his protestations of truth now?

    Wonder how many times he looked into the eyes of Page and promised her that he was going to leave his wife?

  7. And here I thought no one would ever top John Koskinen’s “I don’t think an apology is owed” sneer during his testimony over the Lois Lerner imbroglio.

    And somehow this is the straight shooter who’s set to be a key witness, should no one have the cojones to pull the plug on the Mueller witch hunt.

    There is no possible way for this to end well.

  8. Three things struck me, beyond what’s been mentioned:

    1. Sessions said Strzok lost his security clearance. Strzok says he has not. Who’s lying and why?

    2. The Dems veritable collusion in preventing him from answering questions just when it looked he might say something important. The Idiot from Tenn who said Strzok deserves a Purple Heart must surely have lost the entire veteran vote…I hope.

    3. All these text messages between what must be two of the dumbest people involved in an extramarital affair on the planet (on company devices on a company server!), why is there not one word of endearment? Every word I have seen boils down to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • It was a peculiar moment in the hearing, wasn’t it? It was a little confusing, as to to what administrative steps were taken with him. My take away was that, while Strzok seems to have lost his access to TS material and information, he somehow still holds his TS clearance, limited as it is now. It’s been a long time since I worked in that TS world, so my memory is not quite clear as to how this works, but I believe that’s what happened to Strzok. He’s in some sort of no-man’s, administratively

  9. And this thought just woke me up:

    Considering how utterly petty, vindictive, and–for lack of a better word–bitchy, that Democrats (of every gender!) have been acting lately, this partisan hack getting thrown a brushback pitch over his moral turpitude, on national television, is small potatoes.

    This arrogant jerkweed Peter Strzok–who, frankly, seems to me to be a man who’s trying to compensate for something–deserved all the scorn he got, and then some.

    He singlehandedly knows better than the electorate, who should be running the country? What a stuck-up, self-centered nincompoop!