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Trump and Merkel: Everything’s great!

Following remarks in which President Trump told the head of NATO that Germany was too dependent on Russia for its natural gas and not spending enough defense, Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the press their own meeting, which seems to have been hastily scheduled, was going great.

Said Trump: “We’re having a great meeting. We’re discussing military expenditure, we’re talking about trade. We have a very, very good relationship with the chancellor, we have a tremendous relationship with Germany.”

Said Merkel: “I am pleased to have this opportunity to be here for this exchange of views. Indeed we have an opportunity to have an exchange of our economic developments on issues such as migration and also the future of our trade relations. We are partners, we are good partners and wish to continue to cooperate in the future.”

Of course, “exchange of views” is code politicians of all nations use for “arguing.”

It must be so unsettling for the Europeans, after dealing with the deferential Obama and the always-polite Bush, to get shocking doses of reality from Trump. This is why he was elected, to confront problems head-on and deal with the nation and the world as we find it. That is, not in good shape.

4 Responses to Trump and Merkel: Everything’s great!

  1. Keith, your point and observations are spot on. The differences between Obama and Trump in dealing with issues are revealed every day. Obama was negative and low energy in his engagements with issues and people. Trump is positive and has high energy. I use the high-low energy, positive-negative issue engagement model when trying to assess politicians or anyone I am interested in understanding. It’s not a new idea, by any means, but I find it useful.

    Here’s a little write up of the notion (and there are many more). Not much in depth, but it gives you the idea.

    When I ran my organizational development business, I used the Johari Window to teach my clients about the same sort of idea. I was lucky enough to have been taught the Johari Window by one of the designers–Joe Luft. It’s just another way to understand why, in the case of politicians, for example, they do what they do, and how we can understand their motivations.

    Here’s the Jorari Window explained:

  2. All he has to say – I’m not sure we need to keep American troops here in Germany now – right, Angela?

    Forget Obama, there hasn’t been any President since maybe Reagan who could do what MrTrump is doing.

    • Remove them from Germany and place them in Poland (they’ve offered money for U.S. troop placement), that would surely get everybody’s attention. Thank you President Trump for putting America first!