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London Mayor Approves “Baby Trump” Blimp

A “Baby Trump” blimp will troll President Trump during his visit to the United Kingdom Friday.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of a major Western capital, approved the protest.

16 Responses to London Mayor Approves “Baby Trump” Blimp

  1. The very idea of a muslim mayor of London, England sickens me to the core. What has happened to once Great Britain? I despair.

  2. Not a fan of Islam at all, I think their goal is to roll back civilization to the dark ages, or worse. However, did the Mayor of London have a legal or moral reason to deny ‘permission’ to fly this thing? Could it be a coincidence that he happens to be Muslim?

    Just trying to be fair. But it is probably undeserved.

    • Khan should be trying to fix London’s problems with knife attacks, acid attacks and thugs on scooters, rather than pulling this stupid stunt. I believe it has everything to do with Khan’s “religion”.

      • I pretty much said the same thing above, great minds think alike. Kahn is a mayor who is a Muslim first, he always will be, he’s not a Londoner. He’s a radical Muslim, who thinks like a radical, but dressed in an expensive suit.

  3. Is Trump the leader of the UK? Oh wait. He is not. As such, it only proves that Trump’s thoughts/words/actions of America first only serve to frustrate those that are not American.

    Sorry that America has been carrying everyone — get used to having to do your share.

    BTW — Your great empire is falling apart – Look inward, not outward.

  4. There is also a huge crop circle not far from where Trump will be staying in England that says F*&# Trump. However, the F word is in Russian. A lot of British are embarrassed by the behavior of these turds.