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Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

President Trump this evening announced that Brett Kavanaugh is his nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. More details here.

8 thoughts on “Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court”

    1. After a run around the deranged MSM sites, they all agree -WE’RE GOING TO DIE! Women will be forced to give birth while chained to the kitchen stove. LGBTqwert people will be sent to either re-education or extermination camps in N.Dakota. Every family will be forced to buy sub-machine guns. Minority groups will be ordered to move to a designated area and not allowed to leave. We will all die!

  1. You can be sure of this: the hard Left, the Congressional Democrats, the politicians who accept campaign money from George Soros, the corporate media are ALL colluding this very night to create misinformation, mock, deride, and otherwise destroy the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Their official propaganda campaign will begin in Tuesday morning newspapers, and will be the highlight of the “news” for weeks and months. You will notice they will all use the same words and phrases, put forth the same “shocking” agreed-upon “revelations” about Judge Kavanaugh. There be, of course, the usual “marches” and demonstrations–much of it centered around the threat that Kavanaugh, all by himself, will put an end to Roe v. Wade, their favorite and most treasured Supreme Court decision. Sadly, two of my Congress critters, the despicable Susan Collins and the completely phony Angus King will be right in the middle of this Ship of Fools.

  2. Keith – I have heard that Kavanaugh is soft on illegal immigration — I do not want a judge on the Court who is going to rule in favor of the interests of illegals.

    What have you heard about him on this issue?

  3. Didn’t matter who the nominee was.

    It could have been Brett Kavanaugh, Mother Theresa, or some Iranian mullah. The screaming leftist garbage babies would have done and said exactly the same things.

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