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Stephen Miller Threw Out $80 Worth of Sushi After Bartender Gave Him the Finger

Stephen Miller is a man of true principle. I could never have thrown out a plate of sushi, for any reason, other than to save a life.

I mean, first of all, it’s too expensive. Second of all, it’s sushi. I do love it. I like raw meat too. I do. I take my chances. These things give you a reason to down some alcohol, which helps kill any bacteria that wasn’t cooked away.

Whoever invented fire did something of a disservice to mankind.

According to a Washington Post article on harassment of Trump officials:

One night, after Miller ordered $80 of takeout sushi from a restaurant near his apartment, a bartender followed him into the street and shouted, “Stephen!” When Miller turned around, the bartender raised both middle fingers and cursed at him, according to an account Miller has shared with White House colleagues.

Outraged, Miller threw the sushi away, he later told his colleagues.

OMG, all that beautiful raw fish!

I gotta say, though, if I worked in the bar business for several years. If I decompensated every time someone flipped me the bird or hurt my feelings, I wouldn’t have lasted too long. Stephen should have laughed it off and thrown a piece of California roll at the guy’s face. Just my opinion.

9 Responses to Stephen Miller Threw Out $80 Worth of Sushi After Bartender Gave Him the Finger

  1. He was right to throw his fish away. There’s no telling what the man who prepared his take-away did to the fish. Yes, they do bad things to food and drink of people they don’t like.

    • Yes, he was wise to throw it out.

      I live in the boonies where sushi is very limited, so I only have only had it a couple of times when traveling. Enjoyed it then. Also had Sashimi once and it was very good too. But when I think of raw food, it is oysters that come to mind! Delicious raw Texas gulf oysters… yum!

  2. @Darkangel

    Per our conversation on a thread from late last week:

    A bartender chasing a customer outside of the restaurant to give him the bird…


  3. I don’t eat bait. But if I did, I’d have thrown the damned order at the bartender’s damned head. And I wouldn’t have missed.

  4. Perfectly good bait gone to waste…The only time to eat sushi is on the boat while you’re cleaning Ahi, Ono, or Mahi…after that forget it…More to the point…Mr Miller should have a word with the bartenders boss…