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WSJ: Pruitt was Enormously Effective

With the ousting for former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, President Trump is losing his “bravest deregulator,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal’s editorial page writes:

The shame is that Mr. Trump is losing his bravest deregulator. Mr. Pruitt started to roll back the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan that attempted to re-engineer the economy with little effect on climate change. He clamped down on the “sue and settle” racket that allows environmental groups to impose policy through consent degrees. He moved to redefine the Waters of the United States rule that let EPA regulate ponds and potholes. Mr. Pruitt also sought to require more honest cost-benefit analysis, and he updated advisory science boards that have been stacked with members who receive EPA grants.

Sure, some of what Scott Pruitt did was quite questionable. But he was also under relentless attack and sustained efforts by liberals to pick him off, given that he was actually trying to bring some balance to the leftist-leaning EPA and save some American jobs. He should have made damn sure he didn’t do anything questionable, and he has failed the country in that regard. I mean, did his wife really need a Chick-fil-A franchise, which he allegedly used his official position to get her?

Some of it is ridiculous. Is there any more justification for his much-maligned decision to fly first class than the recent efforts to harass Trump officials? Obviously, Pruitt would have been a target for harassment – or worse – in coach where everyone can see him.

And oh, the sudden post-Obama enthusiasm in the press for what I thought was the lost art of investigative reporting and scandal coverage. This morning I counted a total of eight reporters devoted by Politico to writing about the Pruitt resignation.

“EPA is the Holy Sepulchre of progressive politics, and Mr. Pruitt posed an existential threat to command and control regulation that is the hallmark of the left’s environmental agenda,” the WSJ writes.

And that’s the point. Pruitt knew he would be hunted, and he was bagged. He should have given himself cover in the forest instead of standing exposed on the banks of the swamp.

6 Responses to WSJ: Pruitt was Enormously Effective

  1. “He should have made damn sure he didn’t do anything questionable….”

    Yep. That was his Achilles Heel, and the Left found it. Other wise, he did a great job.