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16 Responses to Video || Trump Says He’ll Give Elizabeth Warren a DNA Test Kit

  1. For those of us who live in the flyover West and know what an American Indian looks like, Warren looks more Martha’s Vineyard than Choctaw Nation. She’s a fraud, a liar, and deserves being called out.

  2. When this Warren character became a public figure and bragging that she was part Cherokee, a Cherokee genealogical group began looking for traces of her family in their records, which go back many generations. Apparently, they maintain meticulous records of their ancestors. They looked, and looked and looked. Their conclusion: there was not a molecule of evidence that any of Warren’s ancestors were from the Cherokee nation. Not a smidgen of evidence. None. Nada.

    Here’s the story:

    • If you are ever near Tulsa treat yourself with a visit to Cherokee’s museum at Tahlequah. The Oklahoma Cherokees suffered the Trail of Tears. To this day they will not carry a $20 bill in their wallet or purse. Their cousins stayed around Cherokee, North Caroline. .The Oklahoma tribe elect their chief. The president appoints the chief of the North Carolina tribe.

      • Interesting stuff. Yes, the Trail of Tears was one of the shameful chapters in our history. No question about it. I’ve read that culturally and sociologically, the Cherokee were extremely advanced and that literacy rates, for example, were higher that the non-Native Americans of the 19th century. They were innovative and very sophisticated in their agricultural practices and many other areas. As an aside, I took one of those DNA tests a couple of years ago and learned that I was 3 percent Native American–Iroquois, it turns out, a higher percentage that Elizabeth Warren, I’s venture to say.