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Hiring in Manufacturing Accelerates

I thought America was done making things?

A jobs report released Friday morning showing continued robust employment growth of 213,000 jobs in June includes the news that 36,000 manufacturing jobs were created, up from 19,000 generated in May. That makes a total of 285,000 manufacturing jobs in the past year.

President Trump’s tariffs may sting in the short run. But they are designed to reduce barriers to U.S. goods in the long run and help spur the manufacturing sector further.

The unemployment rate rose a bit from 3.8 percent to 4 percent, but that was because more people are looking for jobs. When they are out of the workforce, they are not counted in the unemployment rate. The workforce participation rate, which hit 40-year lows under Barack Obama, rose to 62.9 percent in June, up from 62.3 percent at its lowest point under Obama.

Trump rode into office promising to help create jobs for people who make things, the very people who provide the backbone of our culture. Somehow, despite all the talk of our fully mechanized future, he’s doing it.

Under Obama, 303,000 manufacturing jobs were lost.

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2 Responses to Hiring in Manufacturing Accelerates

  1. Didn’t “Dear Leader” Obama, the smartest man in any room, declare those sort of jobs would never come back again? Go President Trump, MAGA!