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Life and Death – But Especially Death – Under Socialism

As the call for socialism gleefully reverberates around the Democratic Party, let’s take a look at what happens – whether in the Soviet Union or Great Britain – when the government runs your life.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Britains national health care system killed hundreds of patients at a single hospital.

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. From the article:

NHS managers covered up the unlawful killing of up to 650 patients at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital on the English south coast . . .

One nurse told the police that the regime at the Daedalus Ward—“Dead Loss,” the staff called it—was geared toward euthanasia. Upon admission, one elderly woman was immediately put on a syringe drive. Her family insisted she be allowed to die naturally. She recovered sufficiently to be taken home. Brian Livesley, a physician at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, was brought in by the police to review the evidence. He said he would support allegations of manslaughter, assault and actual bodily harm.

The most damning evidence was that nurses had raised concerns in 1991 about indiscriminate use of opioids and syringe drivers. Eleven years later, the meeting notes resurfaced. “When I read the minutes, I felt sick,” a senior nurse recalled.

In discussing whether to prosecute, one police officer noted the “perceived plight” of the NHS ahead of the 2001 general election. At a pivotal meeting of prosecutors closer to polling day, a government lawyer attacked Dr. Livesley and sabotaged the emerging prosecution case.

As the article points out, private health care providers, whatever their shortcomings, at least have a market incentive to keep you alive. I guess partly so that they can keep billing insurers but even more so,  I would think, so they have a reputation as a place people can come to and also walk out of.

The government’s sole concern is that your presence in the health care system is making their life more complicated – so many forms to fill out! – and raising costs.

British Prime Minister Theresa May of the Conservative Party wants to increase spending on the health system by 20 percent over the next five years, which makes wonder what it means to be a conservative in Britain.

This is what Sarah Palin meant a few years ago by death panels. Once everyone is guaranteed all the health care they want, you have to start rationing it. And the same kind of people who decide whether you can build an addition onto your home will choose whether you live or die.

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  1. Thanks to some of the fabulous educators at Winthrop University my son’s mind has been polluted with socialist BS. I had tried to teach him to think for himself and that you can never believe everything you read or hear. I can only hope that out in the real world he will come to understand that socialism is a failure and will always fail. I have my doubts.

  2. I find it incredible that some people still push for socialism — government control of the economy. It has a dismal record of failure — the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Venezuela, Cuba and many more failed attempts of the government to run the economy.

    Even Britain in the early 1970’s had a number of socialist policies and a weak economy. Margaret Thatcher turned that around.

    Whey do some people keep wanting to adopt a failed system? How about that Bernie?

    1. Because most people are just Stupid !! Ave IQ is 100…….so half the dummies are less than that.
      Too stupid to even think the TV is lying!

  3. @Daily Mail, Aug 3, 2012
    “Earlier this year, the Mail exposed how dehydration or malnutrition was linked to the deaths of 1,316 patients in 2010. Last month, an inquest revealed a hospital patient died of dehydration after becoming so desperate for a drink of water that he called the police for help.
    Little wonder so many old people fear going to hospital when they risk dying of thirst or hunger in a place that is meant to protect them — especially since these death-rate figures seem to be rising.”

    This is just an paragraph from a article about the Opening of the 2012 Olympics where the NHS was honored as something magical.

    We know that government can’t run anything well, so it’s no surprise that the VA is a dismal place for our veterans to seek health care.
    The horror of poor health care, or none at all, isn’t limited to the elderly, but to those with incurable disease, the severely handicapped, and the young who require years of medical treatment to survive.

    It’s zero-sum health care.

  4. BTW, are we now at war with the citizens of London?
    The WashTimes published that the Mayor of London has approved flying a insulting balloon depicting PresTrump as a baby in diapers during his visit to their country.
    Other than the said Mayor is a Muslim, and a whole lot of Muslims live in London, is there some argument that MrTrump has damaged the future of it’s citizens?

      1. We dont hate Muslims….But they hate us !!

        Their bible says…..KILL Kill the non believers……

        Thats you and me !!!!

    1. Trump should refuse to visit unless balloon comes down or he puts the mayor in full Muslim regalia on another balloon.

  5. The government people are smarter than us citizens…. so maybe they should decide everything….

    I gotta run… but know that Thomas Jefferson and others knew that the ‘enemy’ of the people was the government.

  6. Someone recently joked that socialism is the Axe Body Spray of political systems.

    It never, EVER works as advertised, but young people who don’t know any better inexplicably keep right on buying it.

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