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Video || DNC Chair Perez Doesn’t Deny Ocasio-Cortez is a Socialist, Says She’s Dems’ “Future”

Good. If she represents the future of the Democratic Party, then the Democratic Party doesn’t have much of a future. I don’t think this country is ready for socialism. Not yet, anyway. We still have to more work to do on getting enlightened, dontcha know.

The RNC is smart to be promoting this video or DNC Chair Tom Perez calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who just unseated a leading Democratic congressman in a New York congressional primary – the “future of our party.”

Radio show host Bill Press calls her a socialist, and Perez not only doesn’t seem the least bit bothered, he suggests that’s where Democrats need to go.

It’s not President Trump who demonstrates that we’re a “fallen” country, as liberals would have it. It’s that Democrats now routinely accept socialists as their leaders, with no concept of the danger of this. That’s how far we have fallen.

Here. Here’s socialism.

In a country rich with oil.

6 thoughts on “Video || DNC Chair Perez Doesn’t Deny Ocasio-Cortez is a Socialist, Says She’s Dems’ “Future””

  1. Goody. I’m in. Since I don’t pay taxes anymore, I’d love some freebies back from all the rich people. Bill Gates comes to mind – I sent him a lot of money over the years. He owes me for some of the terrible “windows” he made.
    Free college – good. My grandchildren will love it.
    Jobs for everyone – eh, not a good thing.
    Free healthcare! whoo hoo. I can quit paying into Medicare after 50 years.

    The low info crowd will love this stuff.

  2. Ocasio-Cortez is one more thread in the rope the hard left Democrats is using to commit political suicide. I want her talking all the time, on every news show, and the front page in all the newspapers.

  3. The Demos are toast with this complete foolishness. The party is over and all people with a brain are jumping ship.

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