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Michael Cohen: “Family and Country” Before Trump

I dunno. Michael Cohen doesn’t, you know, impress me as the most ethical attorney around.

Wait a second, I don’t want to get sued. I’m not saying he’s unethical. Just not the most ethical, okay? My gosh, call of your dogs!

Let’s face it Mr. President, you hired a shark because you needed an attorney who bites. But sharks don’t necessarily care whom they’re biting. As long as they’re biting. They can take a seal one day, and a mackeral the next.

Trump knows this, and depending on what information Cohen has, the president is either very concerned, or not concerned at all.

Because he gets sharks.

According to ABC News:

President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney and a former executive vice president at the Trump Organization — has always insisted he would remain loyal to the president.

He was the fix-it guy, the pit bull so fiercely protective of his boss that he’d once described himself as “the guy who would take a bullet” for the president.

But in his first in-depth interview since the FBI raided his office and homes in April, Cohen strongly signaled his willingness to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller and federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York — even if that puts President Trump in jeopardy.

“My wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will,” Cohen told me. “I put family and country first.”

Also not spending ten years in jail comes first too.

3 Responses to Michael Cohen: “Family and Country” Before Trump

  1. From what little we know, Cohen was the go-to guy to pay off nuisance or extortion cases against MrTrump.
    The government’s actions in this case are downright scary to everyone who has ever consulted a lawyer for any reason. We thought it was a right, a duty, for confidentiality of what transpired between client and lawyer.

    This is another incident of the anti-Trump forces trying to ruin, humiliate, and destroy anyone who has had dealings with MrTrump in the past or today.
    The left/Dems/MSM have opened a Pandora’s box of evil that will follow the political world for decades. They are not the only ones who can play that game.

    • Exactly, srdem65. The cult and the Swamp are basically making examples and salting the fields.

      I always knew that Trump is an honest and principled mand, but as these Deep State shenanigans go forward, it looks more and more like Donald John Trump may be the only honest man in Washington.

  2. Depends on the context. If he said he put the president first above all else, then he would be called biased and covering up for him. Time will tell, I suppose.