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More Evidence Kim Jong-un is Playing Trump for a Chump

See, this is what I’m talking about. I keep saying that Kim Jong-un is putting on a big show of wanting a deal because he got scared that President Trump was going to attack him before he could complete his nuclear ICBM program and be able to strike the United States.

But you don’t believe me. You think Trump is a genius and could never get played by this little Rocket Man punk.

Well, I hope you are right. Honestly. But this is very serious stuff. Once North Korea can reliably state that it can hit the U.S. mainland with nukes, all bets are off. The situation changes from prevention to containment.

From the Wall Street Journal:

North Korea is completing a major expansion of a key missile-manufacturing plant, said researchers who have examined new satellite imagery of the site, the latest sign Pyongyang is pushing ahead with weapons programs even as the U.S. pressures it to abandon them.

The facility makes solid-fuel ballistic missiles—which would be able to strike U.S. military installations in Asia with a nuclear weapon with little warning—as well as re-entry vehicles for warheads that Pyongyang might use on longer-range missiles able to hit the continental U.S.

New images analyzed by the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Calif., show that North Korea was finishing construction on the exterior of the plant at around the time North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore last month. The U.S. is pushing Pyongyang to dismantle its nuclear, chemical, biological and ballistic-missile programs.

Last week, 38 North, another organization that monitors North Korea, published satellite images of the country’s main nuclear-research center in Yongbyon, showing that Pyongyang was rapidly upgrading its facilities there.

It could be that behind the scenes, Trump has extracted unprecedented concessions from Kim Jong-un after dazzling him with his charm and deal-making acumen.

But I have seen nothing to suggest that we’ve gotten anything more than the usual fake promises from North Korea. Only now, with an ongoing “process” in place and Kim having shown the world he’s actually just another cuddly little fat guy, it is all the more difficult to launch a military operation against him.

The North Koreans have been building a nuclear program for three decades. They’re not going to give it up just because Trump asked them. The president had done a masterful job in scaring the shpinkings out of them. But I’m very concerned he has squandered the leverage he had created.

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  1. This isn’t a fair piece. We all know darn well that MrTrump didn’t negotiate a deal all by himself with the NoKo’s.
    Not only were his delegates involved, but also the branch of the CIA who are following NoKo in opening a communication line that could mean peace in that area.

    Maybe the chubby kid is playing for time, maybe he wants to see the money first, or maybe what happened at the little summit was the first step to climb a very high mountain.
    We haven’t be told what was said or involved or agreed to by either side.

    What we do know is that the residents of Japan and Hawaii are safe from missiles sent from NoKo for now. We’re hoping that it means forever, but time will tell.

    Chump. You think MrTrump is a fool to try to do anything about NoKo’s actions that have been threatening peaceful countries for decades? Some of us thought it was a great and dangerous effort to bring NoKo into the 21st century of communication and diplomacy.

    • “Chump” in the headline made me not want to read the piece…akin to the editorially-inspired anti-Trump lower thirds commonly seen on CNN and MSNBC these days.

      • Keith Koffler – you’re wrong! man i see why ppl like you should stick to your FAKE news editorial crapola! Grow a pair will ya and get some faith in something besides a good flushing toilet!

    • Well stated. And just because President Trump has sat down in discussion with Kim doesn’t mean he will trust him. He DID say that everything must be verified.
      People are also forgetting that Kim released American prisoners and returned bodies of US personnel from Korean War – both of which Kim said he would do.
      Let us not trust North Korea until we actually see evidence Kim is complying; but let us not admonish our president if he is playing some sort of game. After all, Trump did meet with NK in earnest discussion – something the previous presidents cannot claim.

  2. 38 north funded thru Stimson foundation by the Rockefeller’s. Need to go no father than that!!

  3. Really Keith U2 ???? Joining the Never Trump brigade?
    All TV all newspapers all the time hate trump….you 2 now.

    43000 sealed indictments and going up
    MSM going nuts!!

  4. Are you being enticed by the dark forces of journalism? Have you lost confidence in the Trump administration?
    Trump, Pompeio, Bolton and their organizations are all chumps or dolts, have no idea what they are doing and are unaware of what Kim is doing?
    Thank goodness America has journalists to help guide our foreign policies and decisions.
    It reminds me of my working days- in a decision making meeting, 49 attendees raise their hands in agreement, and then one member claims: “I have a concern” (without identifying the “concern”). The meeting then ends with -0- further actions.

  5. Jul 01 2018 21:13:38
    Q !CbboFOtcZs
    There will be no civil war.
    Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear – change narrative.
    NK is NOT advancing their weapons program.
    Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear – change narrative.

  6. from Zero Hedge this morning…..
    In the absence of hard evidence from the CIA to back their claims about North Korea, Dilanian cited the opinion of Clinton administration official Joel Wit and reports from 38north is a project run by the Henry L. Stimson Center. The Stimson Center’s Board of Directors includes individuals associated with organizations such as Northrop Grumman, the Boeing Company, Warburg Pincus, the Carnegie Endowment, Mercy Corps, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Department of Defense, the CIA and US Department of the Treasury. Their Partners include the George C. Marshall Foundation, Saudi Arabia’s Gulf Research Center and the Jinnah Institute.

  7. Up to this point, we have given North Korea nothing. Zero. Zip. Squadoosh.

    If you think we’re going to undo 60+ years of what’s been happening on the Peninsula in just a few months, you’re not paying attention.

    I like your stuff, Keith, but your views on what’s happening in North Korea are very disappointing. You’ve been against anything and everything since Day One.

    Give it time.

  8. I agree, Kim is playing Trump for a chump.
    I should say, Kim is trying his same old shtick he’s played on other occupants of the Oval Office who indeed chumps, imo.
    The major difference here is Trump ISN’T a chump and Kim has made a major mistake thinking that Trump is.
    I’m sure this isn’t the first time someone has tried to double cross Trump.
    Kim has everything to lose, Trump? Some prestige.
    He’s got this.

    • Trump is working with our Military, seeking and heeding their advice. Obama went off on his own with Iran and gave them $400+billion. See the difference Keith?

  9. The intelligence agencies of the Western countries are fully aware of what Kim is doing. They’re watching him like a hawk, you can be sure. No one is going to be taken by surprise. Except Kim. Stay tuned.

  10. Well damn Koffler. You sure know how to rally the base! We are not spellbound by President Trump and yes, we get the seriousness of this. You seem to be viewing this from a black or white lens Calm down. There is a gray area here. Respect your intelligence as you are in the snake pit and we are not . Faith!

  11. It’s kind of funny to see writers falling for the nice guy shmoozer Trump and not recognize the genius behind it. Not that I don’t think you’re a genius Keith cause I do. I would say two things. 1) Trump is no Chump so forget that scenario. If Kim doesn’t show all his cards when the time comes Trump will be OUT. 2) There’s nothing wrong with N Korea having the ability to defend his nation (such as it is) as long as he doesn’t have chem or biological weapons to put in those war heads. THAT is something I pray Trump is looking at as part of the deal… the truth remains. We can wipe them off the face of the Earth if we wanted to.

  12. I think Patty’s point is well taken. I think it’s a good criticism that I could be looking at this from too black and white a lens. My concern is that the grays have been erased by years of incompetence in handling this situation – by Obama, Bush, and Clinton – and that Trump is trying to do something that had to be tried years ago but now it’s too late. When I say I hope I’m wrong, I mean it. But I fear I’m not.

  13. “Only now, with an ongoing “process” in place and Kim having shown the world he’s actually just another cuddly little fat guy, it is all the more difficult to launch a military operation against him.”

    This was also the major concern of mine…and still is. But When Mike Pompeo took over as Sec of State, and especially when hardnosed realist John Bolton joined the team, my fears were somewhat eased. Some things to consider are (1) the fact that the President, Pompeo and Bolton have access to more intel than we or the media have; (2) elements within the intel community hate Trump and are always eager to pass along to the media anything which might cause his supporters to fall away and (3) the media are happy to report such information. For all we really know, what’s they’re reporting now might actually have taken place BEFORE Pompeo met with Kim last Easter.

  14. God forbid, there should be any criticism of the Messiah. Thanks for your objectivity, Mr. Koffler. I have been in the foreign affairs field for over 40 years – we are being played big time.