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Eric Trump Steps Into a Nearby Phone Booth and Emerges as Superman

According to Paul Bedard in the Washington Examiner:

An ordinary morning in New York City last week for President Trump’s son Eric Trump abruptly turned frantic when he rushed to the aid of a woman who passed out near a train station, dodging rush-hour traffic to chase down a passing ambulance.

According to an eyewitness account provided to Secrets, Trump and his security detail stopped to tend to the unidentified woman outside of the F train stop near 57th Street and 6th Avenue on Wednesday morning.

Our tipster, who requested anonymity, said Trump then spotted a passing ambulance and rushed to stop it.

“I watched as Eric looked up, spotted an ambulance slowly passing by on 6th, ran into traffic — almost getting hit by a bicyclist — and shouted at the ambulance to get its attention,” said the observer

6 Responses to Eric Trump Steps Into a Nearby Phone Booth and Emerges as Superman

  1. Rich, privileged, White guy pretends to care about a stranger in trouble by waving down an ambulance passing by to give medical aid. Let’s ridicule him by claiming he’s Superman.
    How’s that?

  2. My faith in the male of the species is refreshed & am gladdened that gallantry runs in the Trump arteries. The truth is most people are exceedingly helpful in a dire circumstance. Thanks for the reminder!