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Sarah Sanders to Receive Secret Service Protection

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will receive Secret Service protection in the wake of an incident at a restaurant in Virginia in which she was asked to leave.

I assume the incident magnified the number of threats against her. Reports I have seen suggest the Secret Service detail will be at her home, but I expect that doesn’t mean they won’t accompany her places at least sometimes.

As far as I’m aware, the press secretary has not previously required Secret Service protection. Maybe Maxine Waters, who is demanding harassment of Trump officials, is willing to foot the bill for taxpayers.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Sanders to Receive Secret Service Protection”

  1. Before the loony lefties start Civil War II, they might remember who has all the firearms and who supports the local LEOs and the military.
    Good grief, MrsSanders only reports what is going on in and around the whiteHouse. She doesn’t make policy and it’s doubtful that anyone asks her opinion on any agenda move by MrTrump or Congress.

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