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Video || Trump with Angel Families Whose Children Were Killed by Illegals

7 thoughts on “Video || Trump with Angel Families Whose Children Were Killed by Illegals”

  1. Some of the illegal aliens are killers, rapists, drug dealers, etc, but the most common offense against American citizens is the drunk illegal alien who doesn’t have a driver’s license and insurance on the vehicle. They have caused more damage, more heartbreak for people in Arizona than any other group of drivers.

    If you get hurt by one of these illegal aliens, you can’t sue them -they own nothing. They get what amounts to a slap on the wrist, while you suffer physical injury and higher car insurance costs. They suck up taxpayer’s funds meant for American citizens down on their luck, and run up hospital bills that we all pay for in the end.

    If things start to look iffy for them, they take off back to their homeland where extradition is a waste of time and effort.
    The illegal alien brings nothing to America except grief and outrageous demands for what we all have provided for our fellow citizens.
    Our “elites” don’t have any experience or understanding of who these people are and what they do to communities. Their “gardener and nanny and housekeeper” are fine people, so they assume that all illegal aliens are the same.
    They’re not the same.

      1. X2. The same stuff goes on in any Democrat controlled “sanctuary” state and city. We’re fed up with it, send them all back. Better yet, don’t let them in!

  2. These families deserve to be heard just as much or more than the stories of illegals being arrested for entering this country illegally.

      1. Yes the do, but the media is unanimously on the side of the illegals. Where are Maxine Water’s voters, are they so ignorant that they refuse to see Maxine doesn’t have their interests in mind? Maxine makes no bones that she cares for illegals, more than them.

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