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Trump To GOP: Forget Immigration Bill, Wait for “Red Wave”

President Trump is right. I’m not sure I understand what’s going on in the House. They are struggling to pass an immigration bill that will never get through the Senate because of the need for 60 votes.

I gather it’s just to give Republican lawmakers a talking point for their campaigns – that they tried to solve the immigration problem. If politically, they need to support giving DACA recipients a path to citizenship, one of the bills allows them to do that.

The smartest route would be to simply vote on limited legislation to end the separation of parents and children, which can only be done legislatively. If Democrats reject this, then they are on the spot for separating families.

Maybe this is Trump’s strategy. It’s currently up to the courts to rule on his “order” to stop separating families. If they rule that it is illegal, which is what’s expected, then Trump can say he tried but that his hands are tied, and that Congress must act.

He and Republicans would have to make clear that the only other way to keep families together is to continue “catch and release.” That is an argument Republicans should want to have: Either pass legislation, or continue a system that incentivizes people to bring their kids to the U.S. and results in illegal aliens being successfully set free into the country, many never to be seen again.

3 thoughts on “Trump To GOP: Forget Immigration Bill, Wait for “Red Wave””

  1. Trump’s 4 pillars of immigration reform should be the main consideration.
    The dimms will never pass it as it goes against their demonic efforts to open borders.

    We can wait until we have a better congress to deal with, otherwise we’re going to get a bill that smooths over certain aspects of a situation that cannot continue.

    A few more months aren’t going to hurt anything.

  2. When are the Republicans going to push through rules that make it easier to stop filibusters. The Dhimmicraps did it in 2013. But no, McConnell and Lindsay Grahm wanted to “work with this President (Obama)” forgetting why the people put them their. Now that they have power they are afraid to use it because they are scared of the media.

    Change the rules, lower the filibuster to 25 votes (the Dips lowered it from 67 to 60 in the 70’s) and get Trump’s agenda passed. The Republican elitists better wake up. If they desert Trump they will be wiped out in the November. We are tired of voting for Republican elitists who won’t do what they say they will do (e.g. repeal Obamacare). It’s easier for the base of the party to find new elites than for the elites to find a new party base.

  3. It’s all very well to say you’ll wipe out the GOPes who desert Trump, but the reality is you turn the House over to Nancy Pelosi and her left-wing herd led by the likes of Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, etc. That gets you a running battle against impeachment, more gun grabbing, even more immigration hassles and no money for a wall, resurrection of Obamacare, high tax rates, and worse federal regulation. Which means the President’s agenda — including approval of more and better federal judges goes down the crapper.

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