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Kirstjen Nielsen Under Siege

There is no disagreeing with the Left anymore. Now you’re either Mother Theresa or Hitler.

After preventing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from peacefully downing a chimichanga or two at a Washington Mexican restaurant, leftist protestors now want to stop her from sleeping too.

Protestors Friday morning woke her up to the tune of crying babies.

And her former high school classmates are after her too. According to the Washington Post:

Hundreds of alumni from the high school that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen attended in Florida have penned a letter expressing outrage about the harsh immigration policies instituted in part by Nielsen that have resulted in the separation of thousands of children from their parents, and asking school officials to condemn them.

The digital letter was drafted Monday after a group of alumni of Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa said they were distressed by Nielsen’s vigorous defense during a combative news conference Monday of the separations of migrant families crossing illegally into the United States from Mexico. The separations were a result of the Trump administration’s new hard-line immigration policies, which are implemented in large part by the Department of Homeland Security.

“After the press conference we were like, ‘Oh my god, this is real and who is this woman and what is she doing in regards to everything we were taught?’ ” said Emily Dolgin, a senior at Barnard College and a 2015 graduate of the high school.

How about instead of signing letters each of you foster one of these children?

22 thoughts on “Kirstjen Nielsen Under Siege”

  1. Rush is right – sooner or later, someone is going to be killed by the hate-mongering leftists and the MSM.
    The evil hatred of anything that isn’t who or what they believe is right and true is beyond political differences and deep into mental illness.
    The aged movie star who wished unspeakable crimes against MrTrump’s youngest son is either insane or has been convinced that this is what should happen to the Trump family and by extension, all of his supporters. Maybe that’s the same thing, I don’t know what compels these people to say hideous thoughts to the public.
    This nighttime harassment of a public official who is following national laws by a dozen idiots can’t erase the 10,000 people who waited for hours to listen to MrTrump speak two days ago.
    The deranged libs/Dems are not the majority, nor do they have clean hands in this illegal immigrant mess.

  2. I’ve had numerous discussions with bleeding heart people who are claiming how cruel America (Trump) is to the children. I challenged them to go out and “sponsor” a child or two, or a whole family. It’s a very simple process. All you need to do is sign an affidavit (USCIS I-864), and assume total financial responsibility for the child or family. (no Fed handouts are allowed- food stamps, free housing, etc). I’ve done it in my lifetime with 4 families…from Asia to S.America to Europe.
    Not one has stood up, asked for clarification on the process or accepted the challenge, yet.
    All talk….no personal actions or responsibilities. Hypocrites, period.

  3. The Deep State commies keep coming at the good guys. No end ever!

    Join Q to fight the deep state and bring Jail to the Cabal.

  4. When John Legend posted his crude statement last week I said to my husband, if he is that concerned, perhaps he should sponsor some of them. Lots of resources to do so. It is incredibly disgusting. There just aren’t enough words.

  5. The fascist Left is feeling its oats these days. They lost the election–in spite of all their skulduggery, even from the highest levels of the FBI and the DoJ– to win the election and finalize their destructive power over the American people. They failed, and now we see that their desire to punish the American people is unquenchable. Somebody is going to get hurt or worse if their insanity doesn’t get under control.

    1. Exactly!
      Fonda tweets a reprehensible statement, and just apologizes. Poof. All gone.
      If these people aren’t being arrested, then what’s the purpose of the laws.

  6. Nielsen is defending a law that has been on the books since the Clinton presidency.

    None of the presidents since have enforced it until Trump came along.

  7. Keith,
    Why is the moral weight on the “lefties”?
    So according to you, it is OK to separate the kids from their families(some only few months old), but when it comes to taking care of these kids, it is upto the “lefties” to foster them?
    This weekend trying reading up on Nazi Germany and you can see why there are comparisons with Hitler.

    1. What utter nonsense.Adolf Hitler tried to create a supreme nation by exterminating Jews who were citizens of Germany. President Trump is closing our border to noncitizen invaders from other countries. Put down the bong

    2. First,
      Keith may have read a book or two on Nazi – Also Keith has mentioned his Jewish family a few times – – I cannot as a non-Jew begin to even think that I know how to respond to this comment. It is beyond me.

      Nazi process was to keep people from LEAVING German territory — The US policy is to keep people from ILLEGALLY entering this country.

      Oh geez… I could go on all day…I don’t want to waste anymore of my time on this….. It is so stupid.

      People come here with kids in tow to break a law….
      Tomorrow I take a few of my minor kids with me to rob a local business — Sure as the sun rises — when the cops catch me they are going to separate me from my kids.

      What the hell is wrong with people that they are too stupid to know this….and that they are being played by the libtard leadership. They truly are the ‘useful idiots’ we have read about in history (for those of us that have a brain). For you other folks — google ‘useful idiots’ and see who it often is attributed to) When you do you will see comrade that you are being played.

    3. “So according to you, it is OK to separate the kids from their families(some only few months old)”

      Are you sharing the same concern for American citizens separated from their families while currently serving prison sentences? If not, why not?

  8. I think that Kirstjen Neilsons school mates need to grow up. This isn’t high school anymore.
    They need to sponsor some of these people. By the dozens. Then come back and tell us how it went. What a bunch of wienies.

  9. Dr. Helen over at PJ Media was wondering in print if it’s feasible to set up a Guardian Angels equivalent for conservatives.

    If so, it better happen soon. The longer this tyrannical behavior by the Left continues, and the more dangerous it gets, the less restraint any organized response is likely to show.

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