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Trump Caves to Democrats, Will Put Migrant Kids with Parents, Possibly Illegally

In a humiliating reversal, President Trump today decided to keep children and their illegal immigrant parents together while their cases are decided.

The administration had previously, and correctly, said that they could not do this and would need legislation to change the law requiring the separation and eventual release of the children. But instead of pressuring Democrats to change the law and blaming them for the problem, Trump decided to simply keep the kids and the parents together.

From the Washington Post:

The plan, as described by administration officials, would keep families together in federal custody while awaiting prosecution for illegal border crossings, potentially violating a 1997 court settlement limiting the duration of child detentions.

“We have to be very strong on the border but at the same time we want to be very compassionate,” Trump said at the White House during a meeting with lawmakers that was opened to the media.

Trump hopes that his move will be “matched by legislation,” but the pressure is off for Democrats to agree to anything. Plus, they can now claim that they were right all along, and Trump should have ended the separation policy sooner or never have allowed it.

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  1. It is what it is – goes to my prior comments on the prior article – no one wants to solve problems. The President could see the writing on the wall – Maybe you are right and the Democrats can claim victory, but it certainly quiets things and now they will have to move on to their next crisis and we all know there will be one. Trust me – the general electorate will have no memory of this in November. You either have the votes or you don’t. That’s reality.

  2. Fine with me. I don’t understand the isolating of children anyway – why not keep mother and child together.
    He will silence the Dems on this issue.
    Now, back to the FBI, Mueller, and what are we to do about this.

  3. It amazes me -and I’m sure it amazes President Trump too – how many people willingly blind themselves to ordinary reality. We ought to just do away with all Child Protective Services too. I mean if criminal aliens can get sympathy for joining the local gang and hauling their children across Mexico on a trip in which girls over puberty are going to be raped many times, where an untold number of “migrants” simply disappear forever… The danger of that trip far exceeds any dangers in any country in the world and every adult that undertakes it knows that. But they come for that Remittance Gold Rush so they will exploit and traffic their own children to get it.

  4. The fanatic Congressional Democrats refused to work with Republicans to change the LAW on this issue. It was too juicy an issue for them and the corporate media to beat Trump over the head with. So Trump put an end to it. That’s what happened.

  5. I’m convinced Congress really wants a form of government run by autocracy.
    They want a president who does not govern by laws, but by applying Executive Orders. Wouldn’t this wish eliminate the need for a Congress?

  6. Food stamps for illegals.
    When this article was written the national debt was $16 trillion compared to today’s 20 trillion.

    There was a news report that the US is presently giving shelter to 11,000 children at 100 shelters across the US. If it cost approximately $100/day to keep each child that works out to over $1 million/day.

  7. “the pressure is off for Democrats to agree to anything.”

    C’mon, Keith!

    What “pressure” on Dems? From whom? The MSM? WH Press?

    Here’s your fact: They’ve decided to obstruct him every day since Jan. 20, 2017. Everything they’ve tried has failed.

    Russia? Obstruction? Stormy? Now this crap is off the table, too.

    The economy is pumping.

    You thought the beating the Democrats took in ’16 was something?… You ain’t nuthing’ yet.

  8. This is humiliating. Trump has been forced to make an Obama-style, king-style autocratic executive order.

    I would bet that the threat against Barron had something to do with this cave-in. Trump would not only be concerned about his own son, but the children of others in his administration and this threat may have given him reason to pause.

      • I see you missed my point. Of course Melania has the resources to protect Barron. However, many staffers and appointees have children who are less protected. One of them would serve as well as a hostage for a crazy antifart – Ivanka has already seen firsthand how crazy the opposition can be. I think Trump may have acted to protect admin children as a group by giving the mob their executive action.

  9. I say fire up the buses and take these ppl trying to get into the country back where they came from. If they want asylum, give them a date to return. Not a free ride until their hearing.

    • Everything is all better now- until the illegals kick in with their contacts in the commercial communist media to hire rioters demanding child care at the holding areas so that each unlawful entry case is processed more speedily & hand-outs are obtained with dispatch.

      • You missed my point- it was a sarcastic comment making fun of this beleaguering situation by posing the absurdity that the illegals would re-want what was noised to remove (separation) under the acceptable name ‘child care’ so that each case is expedited without distraction – with the hope of obtaining (wrongfully) American benefits.

  10. Humiliation is not in the lexicon of President Trump or those who supported him. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (media). President Trump has brought the single , signature issue of our lifetime to the fore. No one said it would be easy . We are a sovereign country whether you like it or not.

  11. The prior rules were, in essence, that kids could only be detained for 20 days at most; the effective end result, was that bringing along an urchin became a de facto catch and release version of a “get out of jail free” card.

    So, rather than letting the kids out, while keeping the adults detained, which apparently was causing all the brouhaha, Trump is keeping the families together, just, you know, in federal detention.

    By the time the inevitable lawsuits are adjudicated–and, for whatever it’s worth, Justice Ginsburg is 85–the hue and cry of June 2018 will have been forgotten, and the November midterms will have been decided by other issues entirely.

    The Left will never learn that it can’t out-media a man who’s been a media fixture since before we ever heard of Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit.

  12. No cave in. Basically, nobody is being let in. The kids go to the “parents”. In a detention center. They were probably better off where they were, though, because they were put in “cages” to spare them from human predators. I heard that the open borders groups (Soros) were going to file lawsuits because this is not what they wanted, obviously they wanted open borders. But if they file lawsuits the kids will be thrown back into the cages. So that would be a bad optic. So now media says Trump folded, because they gotta do what they gotta do. As in fake news.

    I also heard that Sessions is going for DNA testing them all, to see if the parents really are the parents, and not just child or sex traffickers. I expect the Democrats and their pet MSM stooges to start screeching over that, so we’ll see. It was never about the children, they were used as Trojan horses for open borders.

    • I hope Sessions does do DNA. It turned out numbers of “refugee” families from Africa contained people who were unrelated. The official gloss was that people in Africa view “family” differently. No, they learn to play the game.