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Sessions: Aliens Know Bringing Children Frees Them — and So They Bring More

What is brain surgery about this?

The message has been clear. If you want to be released into the United States after being caught illegally crossing the border, bring your children on the perilous journey with you and then falsely seek asylum.

Is that a humane message?

And so the number of kids being brought across has increased.

So President Trump is enforcing the law instead of just releasing people, demanding that their asylum cases be adjudicated first. This forces the separation of parents and children, since children don’t get put in jail.

The most humane way to solve this is not to stop enforcing the law, since that would continue to encourage people to bring their kids with them. It’s to change the law to allow children and adults to stay together while asylum claims are evaluated. That’s what Republicans are proposing to do.

But Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are already protesting that they don’t want to change the law. Because that would deprive them of a great political issue, and they want illegal immigrants released because one day they’ll be card-carrying Democrats.

So who is being inhumane here, Republicans who want to change the law or Democrats who want an issue?

Maybe it’s time for conservatives to go protest in front of Schumer and Pelosi’s offices to take a stand against their inhumanity. And to go on TV and call them feckless – but just feckless, nothing more. Conservatives aren’t animals.

From Sessions’ op-ed today in USA Today:

Some years ago, it was decided that law enforcement might arrest adults who crossed the border illegally by themselves, but anyone who brought a child with them would not be prosecuted, a form of immunity.

Word got out about this loophole with predictable results. The number of aliens illegally crossing with children between our ports of entry went from 14,000 to 75,000 — a fivefold increase — in just the past four years . . .

Ending this blanket immunity means prosecuting adults for illegal entry whether they have children with them or not. That is what we are doing at the Department of Justice.

Separations are temporary and rare. The vast majority of children in custody came to this country by themselves.

Many unaccompanied children have been abused by smugglers or recruited by criminal gangs such as MS-13. There is nothing humane about encouraging human trafficking — but that is what open borders policies do. Everything the Trump administration is doing is helping put traffickers out of business.

If people have a genuine asylum claim, they can come to a port of entry, make their claim legally, and remain with their children while their case is processed.

We do not want to separate parents from their children. What we want is a safe, lawful system of immigration that would end this question altogether.

12 thoughts on “Sessions: Aliens Know Bringing Children Frees Them — and So They Bring More”

  1. MSM/Dems: Their response and opinion on the IG report of a biased corrupted FBI….
    “Look- squir, uh, children in cages”
    This isn’t a new, unique issue facing our immigration policy. This has been the only legal response to illegal aliens bringing minors across our borders.
    The MSM/Dems are the masters of misdirection when facing a difficult and damning expose of corruption and/or bias in government.

    1. Democrats and the fanatic Left are masters of institutional and political chaos–students of Hegel and his adherents. Their endorphin highs come from creating confusion, mistrust, mocking and deriding those who oppose them, creating storms of conflict, lies, disputes, antagonism, strife and discord in every arena they can force their way into. They have tragically evolved, politically, into an extremely dangerous element in our society.

  2. Add child endangerment to the illegal border crossing charges.
    I hate that children might be suffering. But I truly hope President Trump sticks to his guns about this issue and Congress gets off their collective ass and does something to remedy the situation.

  3. Democrats and liberals support abortion, the ripping of an unborn baby from it’s mother’s womb, carving it up for body parts to sell and have no problems with that, yet they jump and down, stomp their little liberal feet, pound their little liberal fists about taking children away from parents who come into this country illegally and bring the kids with them. The kids are taken to facilities where they get good food, clean clothes, clean beds, health care and conditions 1000 times better than where they were before. Look up the word hypocrisy in the dictionary and you will find a picture of a democrat and a liberal

  4. Drudge reports (Daily Caller) that MrsTrump has notified the SS that Peter Fonda has called for the kidnapping of her son, Barron, and that he be placed in a cage with pedophiles.
    My God, what kind of country has people like this who call for atrocities with ease? Are we no longer a God-fearing, humane and caring country?
    The left has revealed the most ugly side of humanity in their quest for power over the rest of us. Name calling, visual images of outrages, and outright lies against the POTUS and his family are their stock response to anything good we all share.

    1. When the last of the brain-damaged, useful idiots of the hep-c generation (of which Peter Fonda & his old sister are prime examples) has failed into eternity, the mass radical mind-control effect may lose its grip & weaken under subsequent generations who are removed from that preposterous era.

  5. There is hypocrisy all around. Congress fails time after time to resolve issues. We can’t continue to be a country ruled by executive order. You can be certain that both sides of the aisle are not pure as the driven snow, but it appears clear to me that the party of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer could care less about the DACA issue and now the minor children of immigrants illegally crossing the border. There are good arguments on both sides but no will to really fix our problems. Everything is about re-election – not about what is best for this country and anyone who tries to solve the problems is demonized and called horrible names. While President Trump could dial down his rhetoric as well, the extreme abuse he and his cabinet are subjected to is mindboggling. The very people who say they find the separation of familes shameful, use such profane language and accusations I don’t know why anyone (and I mean anyone) would take them seriously. Sad commentary.

  6. Every kid who arrives is one in the next generation of the DACAs. Every “kid” who is 15 or so will eventually produce an anchor baby. It’s all good.

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