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Why Polls Showing Opposition to Trump’s Immigration Policy are Fake

Because, it all depends how you ask the question.

As you may be aware, there are headlines all over the place this morning about how Americans overwhelmingly oppose President Trump’s actions that lead to separation of children and parents at the border.

But the questions are leaving out that doing things differently than Trump is doing them will increase the number of illegal immigrants in the country. The questions are simply being posed in the manner of, Do you support separating kids from parents?

To be clear, there is no “policy” of separating children from parents. The only thing Trump has decided to do is enforce the law more aggressively so that those charged with illegal entry but seek asylum must have their cases adjudicated before being released from prison, since they’ve been charged with a crime – illegal entry. The concern, of course, is that many people are falsely claiming the need for asylum. And under current law, you can’t keep kids in prison with their parents.

Those who do not claim asylum and plead guilty to illegal entry are quickly reunited with their children and deported.

Now, look closely at what I wrote above. Trump’s “policy” of enforcing law means that people are charged with a crime. If he didn’t do that, which previous administrations often didn’t do, those who claim the need for asylum are simply released while their cases are investigated. And then maybe they disappear. It’s what’s known as “catch and release,” and it’s one reason we have 12 million illegal immigrants in this country. That’s what Trump is trying to address.

Now, here’s why these polls, including ones I’ve seen by CBS, CNN, Quinnipiac, which all show about two-thirds of Americans opposing separating parent and children at the border, are also all fake. None of them inform the respondent that if these people are not charged with crimes, they will simply be released. That is a very important fact that is probably intentionally being omitted.

Here is Quinnipiac’s question, for example.

As you may know, some families seeking asylum from their home country cross the U.S. border illegally and then request asylum. In an attempt to discourage this, the Trump administration has been prosecuting the parents immediately, which means separating parents from their children. Do you support or oppose this policy?

Now how misleading is that? It’s like asking, Fred killed Bob. Do you support this? Well, no. But if you mention that Bob was also trying to kill Fred, then your results might change a bit. Don’t you think?

If you provide an alternative which says that they will be released – not to mention that a certain number will never show up for their court date – you will have a different response. But I doubt the pollsters, or the news organizations that use and buy their polls, want a different response.

13 thoughts on “Why Polls Showing Opposition to Trump’s Immigration Policy are Fake”

  1. There is no national “outrage” against the policy of separating minors from adults.
    We are being gas-lighted by the MSM/libs on this issue that really isn’t an issue.

    As for the polls: let’s go back and check this poll -2016 Clinton or Trump?

    1. Yes we are. The story as told by the corporate press is fantasy from beginning to end. 10,000 of the 12,000 kids came here without the parents–brought to the border by coyotes and smugglers. Their parents are back in the home country. The parents of the remaining 2,000 kids in the center are separated from their kids for a few hours for processing, and then rejoin their kids. In the meantime, all the kids receive medical attention, food, are watched over by adults and are given games and toys to pass away the time.

      This may be the biggest fake story we’ve read in a very long time, and the lefty moonbats in the media, the Democrat party and the George Soros supporters are surely happy with the way it’s being played out today. There will be NO correction of the record when people finally figure out that it’s all lies. Guaranteed.

      In the meantime, the public’s little or no trust in corporate media is down to 20 percent. Little wonder.

  2. I cannot be made to care.

    Go through the process and immigrate legally. Or declare asylum legally through that process.

    Otherwise, stay home.

    The end.

    1. Agreed.
      Come in legally and you can stay with your children.
      Come in illegally and you will be separated.
      Take the risk, get caught you know the consequences.
      No tears from me.

  3. “Butbutbut…separating kids from parents! Waaaaah!!”–American leftists.

    I’m only going to say two words to that: Justina Pelletier.

    Go read that article, and be prepared to be royally pissed off. Child “Protective” Services rips American kids, from American parents, all across the country, Constitution be damned, and more often than not, there’s not a PEEP from the American media.

    (Note that the linked site is part of Health Impact News, and I can’t say I endorse everything they publish. That said, they’re definitely doing yeoman’s work on the issue of CPS abuses.)

  4. More like 20 to 30 million illegal aliens.

    And the kids that get smuggled in are tomorrow’s batch of DACAs.

    It will never end until we make it end.

  5. what is not discussed, is that the issue is that ILLEGAL ALIENS are coming over the boarder, and when they are picked up, they are asking for asylum…

    IF they had gone to a port of entry, they would not have been separated…

  6. They’re essentially “push poll” questions. And they’re aimed primarily at suburban Republican and Independent women. Helluvit is, it seems to work. Look at Laura Bush. And even Melania Trump. Some people would prefer to react emotionally than to look at the facts and reason things out. And too many weasely Republican officeholders look at the poll numbers and join the chorus rather than explain what Democrats are doing. If these phony Dems, with their crocodile tears, really cared about kids being separated from parents at the border, they would tell the masses dragging children up through Mexico to be used as pawns at the US border to STOP doing what they’re doing.

  7. Like everything the left does, it’s either based on a lie or a lie in and of itself. The hoped-for ‘blue wave’ isn’t materializing for them, they have no other issue, the election is coming and they’re wasting time calling the President names. So they go to their default position: emotion, fear, division, and the gut-wrenching images.

  8. Folks, this is just another case of the Democratic party using a demographic segment to make political hay.

    The “children” are being used as pawns, in the same way the Dems used blacks, Latinos, the poor, and seniors, single mothers, you name it…

    Accuse the opposition of abuse of what ever segment you want. The MSM helps the narrative and once again, the right are left to answer the false accusations.

    Hoping Trump uses tonight’s Duluth speech to put the topic in proper historical perspective and offer sound thinking about a resolution… a full resolution


  9. In general, I gave up on polls years ago. During Reagan’s administration. Mostly for the reasons described in this article.
    The decline of our independent press has been a pox on our nation.

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