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Video || Nielsen Corrects Reporter: Bush, Obama Separated Families

It’s happening more now because the Trump administration is enforcing the law.

14 thoughts on “Video || Nielsen Corrects Reporter: Bush, Obama Separated Families”

  1. This is being handled horribly by the Trump administration. They cannot win the war for people’s emotional and agenda driven minds. (Remember the photo of the dead toddler from Syria on a Greek beach?)
    Trump needs to get in front of a TV and give an address to the nation- stating how we got to this situation, what caused it, what we are doing about and how to mitigate this in the future. Tweets alone will not work. Neither will a short comment by Sessions or Nielsen accomplish anything…..if anything, it is making it work. The Liberals, with help from the media, are just too clever in manipulating the populace.

    1. Europe has regretted letting in millions of migrants on the back of that photograph, I can tell you that for a fact. Nothing but terrorist attacks ever since.

  2. above correction- “it is making it worse” …not “work”
    New thoughts after I did looked at numbers:
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras is 1,600 miles from the nearest U.S. city, McAllen, Texas. (the distance from Boston to Miami). Now, if someone were to walk it, it’d require over 500+ hrs. of walking 12 hours/day, 3 miles an hour, non-stop. This implies walking the distance in 50-60 days.
    Now, how did these parents with very young aged children (some as young as 2 years old) accomplish this Herculean task? How did they feed themselves? Where did they get water? Where did they seek nightly shelter? How did they find the physical strength to do this under the blazing sun?
    Something very fishy going on here with these spontaneous “asylum seekers” , if you ask me…….

  3. Once again, we see how the Democrats and corporate media create a false narrative to further their selfish agenda of political anarchy. As we now know, the children are not being separated from their parents forever, which has certainly been the impression the media and Democrats have worked mightily to create for the past few days–this is NOT the Holocaust, concentration camps, roundup of Japanese Americans in detention camps, etc. The children are being separated from their parents only while their parents are being processed. A few hours or days at most. And they are being extremely well cared for. Just as the case has been for years in these matters. Corrupt corporate media and Democrats, rotten to the core.

  4. Trump is so desperate for border wall funding (since Mexico laughed him off..), he is using these kids as a bargaining chips.
    And he doesn’t even have the courage to own up to his own administration policies – blaming it on Democrats.

  5. Parent: All you have to do Brittney is eat your vegetables and you can play with your friends…..or you can sit at the table all night.

    Kid: Temper Tantrum

    And the ending…

    Parent (without resolve – think bleading heart): OK. You can go but be home before it gets too late.

    Parent (with resolve): (smiles at kid) – Opens up copy of “Bannon Always the Rebel” by Keith Koffler – I’ve been meaning to read this – I’ll do it now while I watch you here at the table. (Turns to first page. Starts reading silently)


    EU, Academia, bleeding hearts, are the former. Gen Patton, Vince Lombardi, Donald Trump are the latter.

    Push past the style of Trump and you see that you have, for the first time in a long time, an adult in the White House.

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