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Wolf: “We are Not the Enemy of the American People; We Love the American People”

This is the tweet Blitzer was responding to.

I don’t think the president of the United States should be calling the press the enemy of the American people, even if it’s biased and sometimes factually incorrect. The press is specifically protected in the Constitution, and for good reason.

That said, these people are totally oblivious to the hole they have dug themselves into and the disservice they have done to the nation with their rampant bias against conservatives and, most particularly, the president. Ultimately, they are responsible for the mess they are in and the mess they have caused.

Trump only says these things mostly because they play well with many Americans. And they only play well with many Americans because Americans are not stupid. They get when they are being fooled by claims of objectivity that are false and news “analyses” that are in fact liberal editorials.

Wolf, if you love the American people, get them some fair news coverage.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

17 Responses to Wolf: “We are Not the Enemy of the American People; We Love the American People”

  1. Could they be anymore clueless? “We..”, as if the “We” are not really Americans, but something else.
    If they’re not really American, they should come clean and face up to who they really are.

    Words matter. How the words are said matters, too. Constantly insulting the POTUS with their personal opinions of his mental health, his intelligence, and by extension, the voters who chose him.
    I have two words for the MSM anti-Trump people – you know what they are.

    • A noteworthy insight, srdem. Manikins, blow up dolls, shape shifters, Stepford Wives & Lovers, the Invaders, Manchurian Medians, commercial communists- to watch any of these programming programs is more fantastical than Super-Bat-Spider Man but far more boring than the extant Absolute Truth. What ever happened to the opening salutation ‘My fellow Americans…’?

  2. There are some lovely retirement communities here in North Georgia that would be perfect for Blitzer… they even have cooking classes! I’ll help him whip up something tasty!

  3. So Keith I’m thinking about this — how Trump takes no crap – how he does not say “the President can’t say such and such”

    So I’m offering a though and want some feedback….

    Keith writes:
    “I don’t think the president of the United States should be calling the press the enemy of the American people, even if it’s biased and sometimes factually incorrect. The press is specifically protected in the Constitution, and for good reason.”

    The Constitutional reference is the 1st Amendment:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Keith is correct…. (… …prohibiting…the press)

    But here is my thought… Our President is a citizen and as such still possesses the same right of freedom of speech…
    And he should be able to have his opinion…

    Either a president has a bully pulpit or not… I say let Trump say what he wants in the case.

    (don’t have time to deliniate the ‘crowded theatre’ thing or the threat of actual govt action, etc.)

    • That’s a fair point Mark. It’s just that, he embodies a branch of the government too, and so I think he should respect constitutionally prescribed guarantees. I wouldn’t say he CAN’T say what he said. Just that he shouldn’t.

      • First, to use a phrase, I think the Press acted stupidly….and when that happens there is a tradition of the President running his mouth (most will catch the ‘stupidly’ reference and the shot at another mouth-runner with such sage advice)

        It’s increasingly hard to cut the press a break – today – runs a story that the Press Secretary is soon to leave the administration… What one person on the face of the earth could the press contact to confirm this information? Someone that might have a daily press briefing or something like that….what a great venue of truth seeking greatness!

        The press can and should always retain those rights confirmed in the Constitution….BUT There is no constitutional right to respect and for that the Press has to collectively (a favorite word of the left) make it stop.

        In my family, when someone is a knucklehead, someone else steps up and clobbers that person (figuratively Mr. Sessions) and more and more press people like you have to step up to save your profession… it is really in the death spiral and it is all self inflicted.

        If only we could get back to the days when Presidents were so refined and gentlemanly… like, for instance, Harry Truman (Democrat)… who in 1950 wrote – in part – to an Opera Critic of his daughter Margaret’s singing.. “…Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!…”

        Those were the days of friendly discourse.

        • Keith — to be more clear — we need more and more press people to be like you and call out the press — I don’t want you to think I was hurling an insult your way – not my intent — so please don’t give me the Harry Truman treatment (especially #3)

  4. President Trump says the press is the enemy and it’s clear to me that he is speaking of the current people who call themselves the press. If somehow we got a new batch of people, ones who were real reporters and not just repeaters, Trump would not say such a thing.

  5. The problem is the media, or specifically the White House press corps plus most of the television channels are political operatives for the Democrats. That does not equal being a reporter. They are not reporting, they are spinning tales for the Dems.

    • Agree. Keith’s previous article ends with, “With all the accusations that Trump is some kind of fascist, it is Democrats, with their constant talk of impeachment and even abolishing the Electoral College, who are the ones undermining the republic.” Simple logic–if the Democrats are the enemy, and the press (or most of them) are the unabashed voice of the Democrats, then the press are our enemies (again, most of them).

  6. Great book on an investigative reporter’s career becomes more and more difficult as the Obama administration trains MSM not to criticize and Obamatrons move into high places: Stonewalled by Sharon Attkisson.