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Roger Stone: Attempt to Remove Trump Would Cause Civil War

I don’t know if it would cause a Civil War.

Violence? Could happen.

Most Republicans understand that this kind of never-ending Russia investigation was not justified by the facts. And a lot of people would be very unhappy, to put it mildly, if it led to impeachment. Because Democrats are not even bothering to hide that they think the election was illegitimate and they want President Trump out.

From a Newsweek article describing an interview with former Trump advisor Roger Stone:

“If there is an illegal attempt to remove the president,” he says, “you’re going to have a civil war in this country.” Meaning actual violence? “There’s white-hot hatred for Trump,” Stone answers, “and there is white-hot opposition to an attempt to [re]move him. Anything that is judged to be doctored or cooked up, it’s not going to go well.”Who, then, will fire the first shot in this civil war? “Who[ever] wins the House,” he says.

On that note, it’s time for martinis.

Opinion about Mueller has sunk to an all-time low, among Republicans and in general, according to a new poll by Politico. Of course, Politico blames “attacks” on Mueller as opposed to the conduct of the probe itself:

Months of sustained conservative attacks led by President Donald Trump and his allies has harmed Mueller most among Republicans, with a record 53 percent now saying they view the lead Russia investigator in an unfavorable light. That’s a 26-point spike since July, when the poll first started asking voters whether they viewed Mueller favorably or unfavorably.

Mueller’s unfavorable numbers have hit highs among both Democrats and independents, at 24 percent and 33 percent, respectively. Thirty-six percent of all registered voters are also seeing Mueller unfavorably, which represents the highest level since the polling first raised the topic 11 months ago. Back then, 23 percent of all voters said they viewed Mueller negatively.

With all the accusations that Trump is some kind of fascist, it is Democrats, with their constant talk of impeachment and even abolishing the Electoral College, who are the ones undermining the republic.

11 Responses to Roger Stone: Attempt to Remove Trump Would Cause Civil War

  1. Like rats, the left et al will become more dangerous.
    Stormy’s lawyer is now claiming that all his financial troubles are, hold on to your hats, because the Russians are after him
    Then this is so absurd, the Russians hacked the Stanley Cup.
    That’s what some whacko fans are saying.

  2. Way off the track here guys. None of that matters.

    MSM never ending war on Trump will continue until the bosses get arrested.

    BHO, HRC,RR, ES,JC,LL, EH, Comey , and on and on.

    35,000 seal indictments Only then will the attacks stop!!

  3. Search on 160 million dollar upgrade to Gitmo!

    Why is that money being spent?

    Who is going to Jail there?

    Why Military tribunals ?

    Think conclusion with the enemy act?

    Why did BHO make propaganda to the USA legal?

  4. Rush was talking about this today. He claims Mueller indicted some Russian hackers with no evidence. He has no intention of bring this to trial. The Russians hired an America law firm to represent them. They asked Mueller to provide them what was the evidence against them so they could prepare their defense. Mueller refused. It is required that the prosecution provide the evidence to the defense. He claimed the hackers are still hacking and this would compromise his investigation. Rush compares this to bringing charges against the Mafia and the prosecution refusing because the Mafia is still breaking the law.

    The US so many real problems. It is such a shame so much time has been wasted on this.

  5. I’ve been endorsing the Mueller investigation since day 1. Just think about it, if it wasn’t started, none of the illegal activities under Obama and/or Hillary would have been exposed. Keep it going…..that’s the only way the public will find additional dirt on ” BHO, HRC,RR, ES,JC,LL, EH, Comey , and on and on.”

  6. Well, the big day is tomorrow: the release of the 500-page IG report detailing (we hope) the corrupt shenanigans of the FBI, the DOJ and who knows how many other agencies and characters involved with the anti-Trump coup they hatched all those months ago. Methinks some people may not get a restful night’s sleep tonight as they suspect their activities re Trump are about to be made public.