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Video || The Trump-Kim Summit in Three Minutes

The Washington Post has put together a pretty good compilation of scenes from the Trump-Kim summit and President Trump’s press conference.

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  1. Very nice and I like the blue background with the split American/Korean flags together.

    Shame on whoever asked about Otto Wambier while the President and the Chairman were about to sign the paperwork.

  2. Carol, I agree. I liked that President Trump just ignored it.

    What I like is President Trump is trying to establish a relationship to build trust. He has invited Kim to the White House and Kim has accepted. What good is a piece of paper if trust in not there. We did not see Obama invite the Iranian leadership to the White House. It is going to take lots of time to solve this.

  3. I was glued to the TV, watched it all.
    The protocol, placing of flags, everything down to the color of the flora in the centerpieces (pale yellow and green) was a triumph for those who set it all up.
    MrTrump’s generous flattery of Kim was typical ‘trump’.
    Then, there it was- CNN’s jerk of the air- shouting insulting and undiplomatic questions.
    Surely, there is a standing protocol for WH press when attending affairs where opposing leaders are trying to make peace, or just a how-to manual to guide them when in foreign countries?

  4. MSM In full anti Trump hysteria today. Any and all negative full court press.

    How can we tolerate a Leftist Soros paid press and TV ?

    MSM gone NUTS today and last night.

    • Agree. The American corporate press is in full attack on the Kim/Trump meeting. They are breathlessly telling us all the reasons it’s a disaster, puts America and the world at great risk, proves what an amateur Trump is, how dangerous he is, etc. In other words, it’s the usual Trump reporting for them

      On the other hand, I’ve been looking over the foreign press reporting on the meeting, and for the most part, it’s been on point, positive, and supportive. That, once again, tells us all we need to know (once more) about how utterly corrupt our corporate press is. And they just don’t care that they are not trusted, believed or respected. (80% of American have little or no trust in US media reporting).

      Yet, media big shots just don’t care any of that. The only thing they care about is their poisonous leftist, anti-Trump agenda. They are working through some strange pathology, it would seem. So who are they writing for? They are writing for themselves and the approval of their fellow travelers.

    • Shep “liberal rainbow panties” Smith on FNC at 3pm EST is also in negative press against Trump mood. I do not understand Shep Smith and his 3pm broadcast; he rants/reports all these ant-Trump ‘stories’ that no one else on FNC mentions

      • Must be that Fox is trying to be fair and balanced. I stopped watching him sometime ago.

        I’ve been watching Bloomberg on You Tube. They give business news.

  5. The country is incredibly divided – news channels are catering to their audiences. Do you think Fox News gave favorable coverage to Obama with the Cuba or Iran deal?
    Btw, it was Obama who said in 2007 that he would be willing to meet Kim Jong Il without any precondition.

  6. North Korea is going to need help to transition from their current state into a decent society. Here’s a suggestion:

    Cut all US aid to the United Nations. Give that money instead to the Salvation Army, with a request that they use it to help North Korea transition from a military nation into a civil nation.

    I specifically chose the Salvation Army because of their record. They seem to be one of the best charities at providing “bang for the buck”, and they also instill a sense of personal worth and personal responsibility. Furthermore, their command structure should be able to interface well with the North Korean military, giving its current members valuable work in distributing aid to North Korean civilians, and also improving their lives at the same time. I see that as “Win. Win. Win.”

    I sincerely hope that President Trump will see this, and seriously consider doing it.