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The Smart Video Trump Showed Kim Jong-un to Convince Him to Change

I like this. It’s not just gauzy feel-good stuff. That would be something Obama would show Kim.

It’s also got some very specific warnings that look a lot like threats to blow North Korea to smithereens.

Carrot and stick. That’s been the difference with Trump as opposed to previous presidents. The serious, credible wielding of a threat. It’s the language North Korea understands.

6 Responses to The Smart Video Trump Showed Kim Jong-un to Convince Him to Change

  1. I am so proud of President Trump. He saw the strategy that would speak to Rocket Man: you are the leader, you make the choices, what choice do you make now that you see these opportunities?

  2. Can we have a conversation without saying the name Obama? Carrot and stick. ??Analogies from my days working in a stable. President Trump set the table and he did a ball busting job. Let’s see what happens. Otto Wambier’s death was a horrific catalyst for all of this.

  3. That magnificent point where we see the night sky empty of North Korea… then suddenly the entire peninsula is brightly lit! Wow that was moving! President Trump just handed Kim a visible, reality-based future, in which Kim can position himself as
    “the light bringer” (sorry could not resist that pun ;-) ) This is brilliant, and I hope that Kim and his people are willing to accept the open hand offered.