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Trump Ends War Games With South Korea

President Trump Tuesday announced that the United States and South Korea will no longer stage war games.

From comments during a press conference in Singapore after his meeting with Kim Jong-un:

We will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money, unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. But we’ll be saving a tremendous amount of money. Plus, I think it’s very provocative.

I don’t understand this up-front concession. The war games are not just “games.” They serve a purpose, which is to maintain readiness in order to deter and potentially respond to a North Korean conventional attack. They have nothing to do with the nuclear weapons. The conventional threat, which is significant to say the least, will remain even if North Korea dumped all its nuclear weapons into the Pacific tomorrow.

Also, it costs North Korea money too. And it will cost us a lot more if we have to respond to North Korea and are not prepared.

3 Responses to Trump Ends War Games With South Korea

  1. War games, military exercises, troop readiness or whatever the Pentagon calls it isn’t going to stop NoKo from firing off a nuclear or standard explosive missile into SoKo. This isn’t 1940 or even 1980 warfare with helmets, jeeps and tanks, but StarWars weaponry and tactics.
    NoKo could destroy electronic communications, disrupt the infrastructure or worse, all without leaving the closest military barracks.

    MrTrump didn’t promise to withdraw our troops in SoKo, didn’t agree to move our battleships from their positions, but rather agreed to quit making a public showing of military might.

  2. It is a waste of money.
    Kim knows our capabilities, we know his.
    Use the saved money to bring our military back up to snuff.
    I’m talking about maintaining equipment.
    Couple of pay raises wouldn’t hurt.
    We can always resume them if needed.
    I’m obviously no strategist, but that just my thoughts.

  3. I’ve always suspected the “War Games” in South Korea were for intimidation, an extension of that huge American soldier on the DMZ who stares across for hours with his biceps flexed, fists clenched, and a grimace worthy of the Maori. I can’t find a photo now, but saw one once, and IIRC they deliberately assigned only very tall men because of the “Goliath” factor.