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Trump on Kim Meeting: “I Don’t Think I Have to Prepare Very Much”

Rut Roh.

“I think I’m very well prepared. I don’t think I have to prepare very much.”

Politico is reporting that President Trump is already sick of National Security Advisor John Bolton, at least about half the time, and that they are not holding the kind of interagency meetings that would normally proceed such a crucial meeting.

From the report:

National security adviser John Bolton has yet to convene a Cabinet-level meeting to discuss President Donald Trump’s upcoming summit with North Korea next week, a striking break from past practice that suggests the Trump White House is largely improvising its approach to the unprecedented nuclear talks.

For decades, top presidential advisers have used a methodical process to hash out national security issues before offering the president a menu of options for key decisions. On an issue like North Korea, that would mean White House Situation Room gatherings of the secretaries of state and defense along with top intelligence officials, the United Nations ambassador, and even the Treasury secretary, who oversees economic sanctions.

But since Trump agreed on a whim to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on March 8, the White House’s summit planning has been unstructured, according to a half-dozen administration officials. Trump himself has driven the preparation almost exclusively on his own, consulting little with his national security team, outside of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

10 Responses to Trump on Kim Meeting: “I Don’t Think I Have to Prepare Very Much”

  1. Good grief, a meeting such as described with Cabinet, under-Sec’ys, scribes, and all the alphabet secret holders would spring more leaks than an innertube hit with a shotgun.
    This way, the chubby NoKo kid won’t know what’s coming , and that’s #1 in a difficult negotiation.
    Good for PresTrump, he’s got this.

    • Agree. NoKo kid has no idea what is coming his way. Like Hillary, Obama and the rest of the left wing moonbats, they completely continually underestimate Trump. I love it.

  2. You could have easily used the headline – Trump on Kim Meeting: “I think I’m very well prepared”

    Kind of misleading to just use the second sentence of his full quote…context is everything.

  3. Scooby and Shaggy (following your lead in) thwarted many a criminal with very little planning…and possibly less talent than Trump.

    In sports you often see a novice with an elaborate plan — I remember how the coach warned the tennis athletes — you rookies have all this strategy – backhand, spin, speed, blah blah… Here is a strategy that works – Hit it over the net between those lines.

    For Obama, Bush II, Clinton (and really others) they were novices — never having to negotiate where they have to put their ASSets on the line — NOKO Kim is a KooKoo so what the hell do you plan and plan and plan for?

    Someone (Mika sourcing technique) told me that this is the Trump plan — OK — it isn’t but seeing that Trump reads the comment sections of our posts for valuable information, Mr. President here is your plan as I suspect you already have this…

    1. No Nukes in Korea
    2. Stop being a devious turd about #1
    3. We’ll get you Mr. Kim a save face feel good deal if you cover #1 and #2 Now let’s go have some fun in Singapore.

    There is a reason that the worthless turds in our government from 1953-ish forward could not get a deal done and maybe you need a different approach if you expect different results.

    I suspect Trump and his leak-free preparation will be successful.

  4. 24 years in the Marine Corps taught me………The most basic plan executed flawlessly and with extreme violence is better than your 500 slide PowerPoint plan executed half-assed.