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Kelly Sadler, Who Mocked McCain, is Out of the White House

Looks like the White House bowed to political correctness. The Trump White House.

It’s not 100 percent clear if this was part of the communications shop reorg that was planned or the result of her comments about Sen. John McCain dying. But it sure appears it was the latter. Particularly since she can’t possibly be responsible for the leak about her comment.

According to CNN:

Kelly Sadler, the White House communications aide who made an imprudent comment about Republican Sen. John McCain’s health, was quietly let go Tuesday nearly a month after making the insensitive remark.

“Kelly Sadler is no longer employed within the Executive Office of the President,” wrote Raj Shah, the principal deputy press secretary, in an emailed statement.

The White House had been strategizing an exit for Sadler for the last two weeks, a senior administration official said. There had been a discussion about relocating her to another agency or department outside of the White House, and it remains unclear if she is going somewhere else or leaving the administration entirely.

5 thoughts on “Kelly Sadler, Who Mocked McCain, is Out of the White House”

  1. OT: There is a backlash forming here in AZ because McCain supporters consider the Senate seat he held for years as “his”. The talk is that his wife be appointed to ride out the rest of his term if he resigns or passes out of our world.
    re: MsSadler
    We’re all aware that speaking the truth isn’t very PC and could cause great consequences in the political world. It’s unlikely that she outed herself, so someone else is to blame for leaking what was said in a private meeting.

  2. 1. The Founders wanted the Senate to be elected by the States — to give the state perspective as the House was elected by the people. So..having the Governor appoint someone for the benefit of the state would be best — there are not able legislators or others with some talent to appoint?

    2. After McCain leaves this earth (thanks for your military service — although Forrester is a question in my mind) Anyway…. After he is gone expect Ms. Sandler to move from the ‘Siberia’ she is sent to now and returns to the WH.

    3. McCain as a Senator is a loser — just had to say it. An empty seat is better than him.

    4. The seat belongs to Arizona — Not a person.

    5. Repeat #3 with stronger language.

  3. McCain set the stage of open talk about his death by publicly discussing his funeral and him not wanting the President to attend.

    McCain was a POW and a veteran and I thank him for his servie. As a Republican and as a Senator he is a traitor to his country. He has done more damage than the Russians ever did.

  4. One just can’t iterate a single positive worthy contribution he’s made to the country. A rude, vindictive all around snide who even stained the good name of the military. Are those reasons to mock him ?. Moot at this point.

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