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Job Openings Hit a Record High in April

The number of job openings in the country reached 6.7 million in April, a record for the 18 years the Department of Labor has been keeping score.

That’s an increase from appoximately 5.46 million openings when President Trump took office.

Many of the current openings are in the supposedly moribund manufacturing sector, which Trump had pledged to revive.

According to MarketWatch:

There were more openings for durable-goods manufacturing and information sector jobs, but decreases in finance and insurance. The quits rate stayed at 2.3%, matching a post-recession high. Economists say the quits rate is an important measure of labor-market confidence, as it shows a willingness for workers to leave for what are presumed to be better-paying jobs.

The MSM checked with Special Counsel Robert Mueller for comment, but there was no response.

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  1. No huzzahs? If ‘job opportunities for all’ is not The Idea behind the 20th/21st century American state, might that imply the need for something greater than the economy which would define who we really are?

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