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Trump Continues to Go After McCain

President Trump is continuing to assail Sen. John McCain, noting for at least the second time in recent days that McCain’s vote sank the Obamacare repeal effort in Congress.

McCain betrayed Republican voters by not supporting the cause of Obamacare repeal, the exact thing that put Republicans in power and gave him his committee chairmanship. And I believe he did it out of personal animus toward Trump. With McCain, a lot of stuff is personal, even though in death he will be contrasted with Trump as a man of great principle and what the Republican party “should” be compared to Trump.

Of course, those doing the comparisons will be completely unaware of the contempt many conservatives have for McCain, despite his heroism many years ago, for positions he has taken on things like immigration, campaign finance reform, and Obamacare.

“John McCain is leading the fight to stop Obamacare,” a 2016 ad for his reelection campaign proclaimed.

Here is his leadership in action.

Maybe Trump is furious that McCain disinvited him to his funeral. Whatever, the man is close to his deathbed. And he did serve years ago while Trump did not. I often wonder how many people who could have been leaders of our country went to Vietnam, served, and died while others stayed home. Although I have also had veterans of the war tell me they don’t blame people for “staying out of all that shit.”

Either way, it’s time for Trump to leave McCain alone. He’s dying. It’s enough.

25 thoughts on “Trump Continues to Go After McCain”

      1. McCain, like Kerry, and frankly most any high profile demoncrat – yes, McCain is a demoncrat – found success in politics after complete failure elsewhere. If my memory serves correctly, McCain 1) finished at (last) the bottom of his academy, 2) crashed 3 planes in training – tens of millions of dollars when that was real money, 3) crashed a fourth in Vietnman, 4) may or may not have been a rat there, 5) divorced his first wife to marry his current dolly.

        He weaves through his failures a particular bitterness and meanness culminating in a crushing of tens of millions of Americans (myself included) from socialized medicine that in the meantime, like any government program, has not reduced its goal of uninsured citizens.

        I’ll never give him a pass – alive, dying, or dead.

        1. Agree. No one will miss him; just a vindictive, rude , and snide sourpuss who has given zero contribution to our country as a representative of the people.

  1. John McCain isn’t silent. He can explain to all of us why he voted against the repeal of Obamacare. He told us Arizonans that he would do that, but when it was time he became petty and vindictive against the President.
    So long as he holds on to his Senate seat, we don’t have a voice in Congress.
    A patriotic man would have resigned due to bad health to allow Arizona to choose his replacement.

  2. Songbird can’t join his buddy Teddy “Swim, bitch” Kennedy in a warmer climate soon enough. My prayer is that everyone at his funeral contracts a rapidly acting fatal disease.

    And I see they’re pushing his wife as his replacement in the Senate when that filthy treasonous lying POS croaks. I bet she’s “special” as well.

  3. Military Service is not a Constitutional requirement to serve as president.

    Military Service, by itself, does not assure leadership ability or competence.
    McCain’s Annapolis record and Wartime shipboard service evidences this Fact!

  4. Today is Trump’s 500th day in office, he’s giving all of his accomplishments, and regarding Obozocare Trump reiterates the fact that John McCain stood in the way of Republicans’ full repeal. There. Fixed your misleading headline “Trump Continues to Go after McStain”. No, McStain earned his ignominious name by this ignomious act, and Trump can remind him of it on the day he dies for all we care.

  5. “Either way, it’s time for Trump to leave McCain alone. He’s dying. It’s enough.”

    Sorry. No. We all die. Some of us do it with grace and dignity.

    If McCain were to retire his seat, I would agree with you. But he hasn’t. Therefore, he’s fair game.

  6. John McCain, a former POW due in large part to his contributory neglignce, is NOT a war hero. His conduct during his tour in Hanoi was performed with aiding and abetting the enemy and has been followed by a non ending campaign of self promotion and attempt at beatification. There would be no greater honor than to have the opportunity to meet Songbird and turn my back on him and walk away. Disdain for him can only be `matched by taking him to the garbage dump and leaving him where he belongs.

  7. I don’t think anyone agrees with you Keith. I don’t think McCain is a hero. Just because he was captured does not make him a hero. He got his medals because of family connections not for his underwhelming performance in the military. Had he resigned when he could, maybe leave him alone…but he didn’t. He goes and writes his memoir and does a self promoting movie for HBO. That’s a no, nope nada, don’t care from me.

  8. If he were in hospice and staying out of politics, I might agree.

    But no, he’s still in office, apparently bound and determined to make a damnfool nuisance of himself until they slap the toe tag on him.

    In hockey terms, he’s dressed, he’s on the ice, and he’s attempting to play the puck, so yes, he’s eligible to be checked.

  9. Think of all the money we could raise for a good cause, say disabled vets, if we charged $5 for the opportunity to piss on his grave.

  10. Hopefully McLame’s Senate Seat will flip back to the Republicans after he’s gone. He’s been a DemoncRAT in RINO Clothing for years.

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