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Trump Calls for Samantha Bee to be Fired

I agree with those who say that what Samantha Bee said was not quite as bad as what Roseanne said, which was clearly racist. But it’s close.

The “C” word is nearly as egregious as the “N” word, except it’s for women. It is misogynist, even if uttered by a woman. There wasn’t even comedic license being taken by Bee. The context in which she used it was political. So you call you political opponents a “C.” That’s the new level of discourse.

If I used that word in public around most of the bosses I’ve had, I don’t thing I would have lasted very long. Would you have?

13 thoughts on “Trump Calls for Samantha Bee to be Fired”

  1. Bedroom behavior inspected; gutter language, vulgar insults galore – all on national media. How did all of this become newsworthy in the slightest?

    Cleary Good Manners has died – when is the memorial?

  2. Leave her be.
    What she said is no worse or more profane than what late-night (male) comedians say about the Trumps every day.

  3. It’s hard to figure what Roseanne was going for in her lame joke. Valjar is a very unattractive woman, and joking about that is cruel.

    Samantha Bee used the word cunt against another woman and also tried to destroy the woman’s pleasure in a beautiful photo of her and her son. That’s mean and degrading.

    I don’t think we have to weigh these events and decide who has done the worst thing.

    Both events were bad decisions.

  4. Keith, you are implyingthat there is a hierarchy . . . that racism is worse than sexism. That we should pay more attention to the NAACP/BLM/etc. than we should the Womens’ movement.

    Where would anti-Semitism rank?

  5. “I agree with those who say that what Samantha Bee said was not quite as bad as what Roseanne said, which was clearly racist. But it’s close.”

    No. It’s worse.

    Rosanne’s was off-the-cuff.

    Bee’s comments were planned, scripted and executed with intent.

    There is really no comparison.

    1. “And yet everyone is just fine with the fact Ted Nugent used the same word?”

      Really? Could you point to one instance where ‘everyone’ is fine with what Ted Nugent said?

      Just one. Where everyone is fine with it.

      Thanks, in advance.

  6. First of all: to Chuck Todd–it is not the tone of President Trump that caused this; it is the disgraceful speaking from a disgraceful woman who calls herself a “comedienne,” but is more a “comedian,” the term for a man. Being a lady has gone out the window, as we saw with Kathy Griffin and Michelle Wolf. Had never heard of these women until seeing the newsclips of their vile, perverted slams. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is very well spoken and intelligent, also, so the feminists(for women?) are extremely jealous, because their minds have been “gone with the wind” forever. Ivanka Trump is a beautiful, intelligent young woman, and her son is so cute–what a comforting picture of the two of them, yet the feminists(for women?) expose their jealous rage through their so-called comedy and get away with it. Kathy Griffin’s act should have landed her in jail– What a shame that Americans have been so dumbed-down that they would actually listen to the so-called comediennes at all!

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