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Trump Signed a Compassionate, Bipartisan Bill, and the MSM Didn’t Care

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Wednesday complained that neither CNN nor MSNBC went live with President Trump’s signing of the “Right to Try” bill that allows terminally ill patients to use drugs not yet approved by the FDA.

The drugs would only have had to pass FDA’s “Phase 1” trials that demonstrate relative safety.

Sanders said:

I’d point out that while the President signed that legislation and actually addressed America, two networks chose not to cover it, and instead covered something totally different in palace intrigue. A massive piece of legislation that had bipartisan support, that was life-changing — literally, life-changing – for millions of Americans — two networks chose not to cover the President’s remarks on that.

Even some of the coverage I did manage to locate focused on the limited benefits of the legislation. “Trump oversells Right to Try law,” headlined the New York Times.

Okay. When has any White House not oversold an achievement? I guarantee to the New York Times, any of your reporters who get a terminal illness diagnosis will be happy about this legislation.

And no, I’m not wishing terminal illness diagnoses on New York Times reporters. They still do some good reporting.

Okay, it’s a joke! My God, everybody’s so sensitive.

And of course, if Obama had signed this bill, it would be yet more evidence that he was the Second Coming, performing miracles to heal the sick.

The event even had an adorable moment. Usually, adorable moments are up there with scandals for provoking coverage. But not for Trump.

According to the Daily Mail:

An eight-year-old boy who helped inspire federal legislation giving the terminally-ill the ‘Right to Try’ experimental drugs stole the show on Wednesday at a bill signing event. The boy, Indiana’s Jordan McLinn, left his wheelchair to stand at the president’s side as Donald Trump inked his name to the legislation. While the president was passing out signing pens to the event’s participants, the boy repeatedly went in for a hug. After several attempts the president rewarded him with an embrace and a kiss.

8 thoughts on “Trump Signed a Compassionate, Bipartisan Bill, and the MSM Didn’t Care”

  1. MSM:
    Trump fixed Global Warming and now we’re freezing.
    Trump lowered taxes for working people and now local governments are going broke.
    Trump ignores VA atrocities towards veterans by forcing them to seek government funded private medical care.
    Trump’s daughter hugs her son while he forces illegal aliens to leave their American born children behind when they are deported.
    Trump begs for nuclear war with NoKo, Trump forces NoKo to peace talks, Trump tells NoKo no-mo nukes, NoKo agrees, but Trump is a moron who doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    Sad state of affairs for our Free Press.

  2. Little Jordan is safer in the hug of President Trump than Sam Bee’s child in the stinger of his mom-in-photo-only’s mouth.

    1. Due to my willful ignorance at not recognizing celebrities, I thought the mother/child photo was of Sam Bee- hence my “mom-in-photo-only” comment not knowing it was Ivanka. Sorry for my error.

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