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Trump Says He Wishes He Didn’t Make Sessions Attorney General

Chris Christie, pack your bags for Washington.

President Trump Wednesday tweeted that he wished he had picked someone else to be attorney general. I expect Sessions to resign soon. Maybe today. This is as clear a vote of no-confidence as any president could provide without actually firing someone.

7 thoughts on “Trump Says He Wishes He Didn’t Make Sessions Attorney General”

  1. As time goes by, Sessions looks more and more like a Deep State plant who was willing to take one for the team by spying on the Trump campaign from the inside and up close.
    He never fully explained his recusal from the phony Russia/Russia investigation.
    As a gadfly outsider, MrTrump was hampered from the beginning of his campaign in finding political friends willing to follow his lead – just as President, he can’t just reach down into the “ranks” as other administrations could to find staffers and Cabinet members.
    Sessions must have seemed like a godsend to the Trump campaign at the time.
    Now. Who knows.

    1. Vacated his Senate seat and gave the Democrats a senator from Alabama.

      Hey, you didn’t ask for one GOOD thing he’s done… ^_^

  2. Sessions turned out to be an enormous disappointment. At the very time the Trump administration needed a Braveheart as AG, Sessions dug a hole in the ground, dived in it, and wouldn’t come out.

  3. With all the “legal crap” hitting the Trump administration I often forget there is an “Attorney General”…(that useless Jeff Sessions)

    The fictional AG; “the General” on the Showtime show ‘Billions’ has more balls than this current one.

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