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Trump Tweets Quote that Sessions Recusal was a “Betrayal” of the President

It’s the second tweet today by President Trump making plain that he thinks Attorney General Sessions needs to resign.

8 thoughts on “Trump Tweets Quote that Sessions Recusal was a “Betrayal” of the President”

  1. Sessions needs to go now!!!!! He is hated horribly by decent American and his legacy is toast, right up there with Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and that other idiot that was Obama’s wingman…..

    1. And Post Turtle will do nothing to stop them.

      The Koch-suckng Rove Republican swill are FAR worse than the Democrats.

  2. Never understood the logic of hiring swamp rats to help drain the swamp. Washington can not/will not fix Washington. Takes a clean sweep, and that’s never going to happen. The thieves (democrats/republicans) will use every dirty criminal act possible to save their criminal enterprises.

  3. What concerns me here is the difference between “Betrayal of the President” vs “Betrayal of the United States”. Can none of you see this? What concerns me most is none of you are OBJECTING to such an authoritarian Tweet.

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