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Trump Talks “MS-13 Lover” Pelosi and “Filthy” Language Hillary-Backer Jay-Z

President Trump Tuesday was as colorful as usual speaking at a MAGA rally in Nashville.

Also, Mexico is still paying for the wall “And they’re going to enjoy it.” Au contraire! tweeted Mexico’s president.

Here is Nancy Pelosi objecting to President Trump’s “animals” remark, which she surely understood was a reference to MS-13, not all immigrants. She argues for the “the spark of Divinity” in MS-13 members. More like the flash of Satan, but whatever.

One Response to Trump Talks “MS-13 Lover” Pelosi and “Filthy” Language Hillary-Backer Jay-Z

  1. MS-13. The FBI chased down every Mafia Don, every button man, every shady character with an Italian surname, but doesn’t seem all that interested in Hispanic gangs, no matter how horrific their crimes. The gangs move from state to state, so the FBIs have no jurisdictional excuse not to act without local approval.
    If the Feebs would invest 1/2 the interest they seemed to have in which one of MrTrump’s associates knew someone with a Russian surname, the MS-13 gang might be brought to justice.
    Miss Nancy picked the wrong Hispanics to admire and put in God’s grace.
    Jay-Z. Smart, influential businessman who plays to his audience that likes rough language and profanity. ’nuff said.