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Bill Kristol Suggests He Might Challenge Trump Himself

Conservative commentator and Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol is searching for someone to challenge President Trump in the Republican 2020 primaries, but he suggested that if no one steps up, he might just do it himself.

“I’m not going to run, but I think the only circumstances under which I can imagine me or someone like me running . . .  would be if no one else runs,” Kristol told Buzzfeed.

So, “I’m not going to run,” but I might run.

According to the Buzzfeed piece:

He wondered hopefully, in the interview, about the availability of Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and James Mattis — three men who were on his 2016 wish list — and of Nikki Haley, who like Mattis ended up taking a job in the Trump administration. Kristol also has kind words for John Kasich, whom he visited recently in Ohio and acknowledged is the Republican most likely to take on Trump, though the governor’s personality and moderate politics have turned off other leaders in Kristol’s neoconservative orbit.

Speaking Wednesday in New Hampshire, Kristol said a challenger was necessary to “force the debate” over the future of the Republican Party.

“I don’t know if a challenger would succeed. In my view, I think it’s important to have one just to force the debate,” Kristol said. “I think if Trump were to lose in 2020 it would allow for someone to step up and say, ‘Well, here’s a different way forward than just kind of trying to redo Trump over the next several years.’”

I’ll tell you what else a serious primary challenge would probably force. A Democratic victory in 2020 following months of attacks on Trump by a fellow Republican that help Democrats make their case, free of charge, while depleting GOP resources.

Here is Kristol with a friend who is perhaps Trump’s most likely challenger.

22 thoughts on “Bill Kristol Suggests He Might Challenge Trump Himself”

    What is the platform he’s going to run on?
    Promises? Empty I might add.
    Or promises made and KEPT.
    I have a strong suspicion that any RINO that runs against President Trump is solely a fund raiser.
    Same with the Dem’s.

  2. OK. What’s your platform, Bill – “I’m not Donald Trump”?
    He could promise to lower taxes (oops already done), strengthen the military(in the process), raise our status around the world (done and done), give all illegals citizenship (naahhh not a good idea), free college(Dems got that one), and…..well, not much left to excite the voters.
    Two old White guys left behind the moving fingers of time and theory is not what voters what today.

  3. I’m and independent, was a Democrat for 25 years and then wised up to the Democrats immorality and perversion. I do not support anyone who was a traitor to the Republican Party. These do nothing bastards are sore losers as the country is made great again. I used to think Billy Kristoly and John Katshit were GOP heros but no more Just Sore Looooosers. Trump used their own tactics to kick their ass and they don’t like it one bit.

  4. Go ahead, Bill. As if you haven’t made enough of an ass of yourself in the political arena.

    Knock yourself out. Literally.

  5. Kristol really should know better.

    If he doesn’t, and I have my doubts, he REALLY needs to look at what happened to French Collaborationists after World War II. It wasn’t pretty, to say the least.

    It can’t be stressed enough: Kristol would rather have had Hillary Clinton in the White House.

    And had that happened, we would not currently be finding out just how corrupt the election of 2016 was. People are already starting to wonder if the spying tactics used against Trump in 2016, might have been used against Romney in 2012.

    But Kristol would rather just grab his ankles and politely ask for more, rather than stand up and strike back at the enemies of American liberty.

    What a sad, pathetic, despicable man!

  6. Wow, I hope they do try to primary him. The more we seen what used to be the Republican party the better. Democrat light. Yeah, there’s a winning idea. These guys are a s delusional as Hillary is. Maybe she should try again in 2020 as well. I’m gonna Laaaaagh!

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