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Trump on Those Who Won’t Stand for Anthem: “Maybe They Shouldn’t Be in the Country”

Maybe? Of course they shouldn’t be in the country!

Trump was asked by Fox News – during an interview conducted Wednesday but broadcast Thursday morning – about the NFL’s decision to fine teams whose players refuse to stand for the National Anthem. The players are allowed to remain in the locker rooms instead.

“I don’t think people should be staying in the locker rooms, but still, I think it’s good. You have to stand proudly for the National Anthem. You shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there. Maybe they shouldn’t be in the country,” Trump said.

The National Anthem represents the nation. Every American, regardless of political beliefs, should respect it. That’s exactly why players kneel during its playing. Because they don’t respect the country. So they should leave.

The National Anthem is sung facing the flag. The pledge of allegiance – to the flag – is recited during naturalization ceremonies when people become citizens. Respecting the flag is an intrinsic part of being a citizen in this country. Many other countries don’t place such symbolic importance in the flag. We do.

Now, this is very different than saying people who won’t stand before the flag should be forced to leave. In this country, you have a right even not to respect this country. It’s just my opinion that if you don’t like America, you should try another place.

The NFL is changing its policies not out of patriotism – or at the very least, not exclusively out of patriotism – but out of concern for ratings, which declined last year.

There likely will be players who continue to kneel during the Anthem this fall. America will be watching. Or, hopefully, not watching.

4 Responses to Trump on Those Who Won’t Stand for Anthem: “Maybe They Shouldn’t Be in the Country”

  1. I don’t disagree with the President’s thoughts on the football “kneelers” – if you don’t like it here- leave.
    As a football junkie, I don’t care if they kneel, sit , or stand for the anthem, or what their complaints are about the police.
    A great number of the professional players have police records for wrong-doing or really bad actions, I don’t care…. that’s their problem.
    What I care about is using a football game as a platform for their personal opinions about anything, because it’s a game meant to amuse or entertain the paying public.
    Play the game, then go kneel in front of your local police department.

  2. Sure, they have a “right” to kneel, but as a fan, I have the right to respond to disrespecting the flag. The first knee taken was meant to represent a knee to the groin of our LEO’s, fans reacted appropriately.

    When they took their “protest” to London, it felt like a gut punch to watch. Horrible.

  3. They signed a contract and accept a check to work under the conditions of that contract and in turn part of that is how they represent their company at the workplace! no one has told these pathetic idiots they cannot do this on their own time, but when on company time, they must adhere to the rules of that company.

    Not brain surgery here folks. Time for these no counts to shut up.

    My slant on this is simple and this is how I live my life. You accept the check, you work under those conditions. If you don’t like it, get the hell out. You represent the company you work for and as such follow their guidelines. Private life is a different matter

    • Thank you. It’s an employer/employee issue.

      Anybody talking about First Amendment, the right to kneel or any other such nonsense is not to be taken seriously.