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Pelosi: Trump Canceling Meeting with Kim a “Big Win” for Kim

Have a listen. If you can figure out what she’s talking about, please let me know.

She says they’re having a “giggle fit” in North Korea. I assure you, it’s just the opposite.

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7 Responses to Pelosi: Trump Canceling Meeting with Kim a “Big Win” for Kim

  1. It’s painfully apparent that the Dems are willing to risk nuclear war with NoKo than have our President diffuse a toxic and dangerous regime. So afraid that he could actually pull off a peaceful solution and win the praise of those most affected, they are…disappointing.
    The MSM commenters are baldly cheering for MrTrump to fail miserably, no matter the outcome to innocent people.

  2. Pelosi’s ignorant comment is emblematic of Democrats’ grasp of foreign policy and intentions. First, they are clueless and consequently always misjudge things. And, second, their instinct is always to try for some domestic political advantage rather than offer honest analysis or constructive suggestions.