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White House Solution to Leakers: Fire Everybody

Okay, that’s a little dramatic. They’ll keep some “Key senior people,” in the White House communications office, which seems to be a very leaky ship after word emerged from a meeting of communications staff that White House aide Kelly Sadler had said Sen. John McCain’s vote on the CIA director didn’t matter because he was “dying anyway.”

And they’ll keep some others. But according to Politico, a lot of people are going to go. Even though it doesn’t seem that they’ve necessarily identified a leaker.

That’s because nobody has been fired yet, despite the plan to get rid of people. You’d frog march a known leaker right out the door. And some of those being removed are going to be reassigned and NOT FIRED, which suggests the White House is just machine-gun firing bullets, hoping to hit something.

Politico also reports that White House chief of staff John Kelly, who is steering the plan, recently said during a meeting of new hires that Sadler was merely making a factual statement about McCain dying.

Which doesn’t itself sound factual, since he wasn’t expected to die before the CIA confirmation vote. What’s more, if she was coldly stating the fact, that’s even worse than a joke, isn’t it?

Of course, the irony here is left unsaid: Whatever Politico reported about these internal White House deliberations was . . . leaked, since nobody is quoted on the record.

One Response to White House Solution to Leakers: Fire Everybody

  1. It’s actually a pretty good plan…It sends a message to survivors, and it will likely sweep up at least some of those involved.
    This should be the method employed to clean up the DC headquarters of the FBI.
    Might not be bad for a few other agencies either.
    Draining a swamp is a messy business.