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Spying on Trump Campaign May Have Begun Before FBI Says it Started Its Probe

Is the FBI lying about when the investigation of the Trump campaign began? That’s the question at the heart of a fascinating edtiorial by the Wall Street Journal. I’ve pieced together some excerpts here:

Multiple media sources have now confirmed that American academic Stefan Halper is the “top secret” informant the FBI asked to sidle up to Trump campaign officials in 2016. Some questions follow: Who asked Mr. Halper to keep tabs on the Trump officials, and when and why?

The answers go to the credibility of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s claim that it didn’t open an official counterintelligence probe into Trump-Russia collusion until July 31, 2016. The answers might also show if Obama Administration officials knew about this mission, or if political actors working for the Clinton campaign such as Fusion GPS played a role.

Mr. Page tells us he actually met Mr. Halper in mid-July, at a symposium at England’s University of Cambridge, where Mr. Halper is an emeritus professor. Mr. Page says the invitation to that event came much earlier—the end of May or early June. . . . the event was supported by Cambridge’s Department of Politics and International Studies—Mr. Halper’s department

Another noteworthy participant was Sir Richard Dearlove. Sir Richard, a Cambridge alumnus, spent a near-40-year career at the British intelligence service, MI6, rising to its chief from 1999 to 2004. As such he overlapped with anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele, who was recruited by MI6 after graduating from Cambridge in the late 1980s. Sir Richard is also friendly with Mr. Halper.

So it looks like the spying on the Trump campaign began earlier than the FBI says it started its investigation.

This raises a couple of possibilities. One, the FBI for some reason is lying about when it began its probe. Or, the FBI started fishing around, at the direction of someone, got some information, and then launched its investigation.

Or . . . someone other than the FBI, like the Clinton campaign or someone in the Obama administration – or each working together – was spying on the Trump campaign and then brought the FBI in when they decided the found something.

I’m speculating. The possibilities are many. But something is not right.

And let’s be clear, if a Republican administration was spying on a Democratic campaign, the outrage in the media would be boundless.

15 thoughts on “Spying on Trump Campaign May Have Begun Before FBI Says it Started Its Probe”

  1. If the Bush administration had done anything remotely close to this on the Obama campaign, it would still be in the news. EVERYDAY. But since it was for the greater good, keeping Trump from being elected, it was all OK.

  2. The FBI, and NYT, spin will be they were just trying to help Trump, and his campaign, in anticipation he would need their help. Wow, the FBI sure was prescient in their zeal to help Trump. Kudos.

  3. We’ve already seen what the Democrats would do. It is called Watergate. They went absolutely ballistic during this period. There were televised hearings and people did go to jail. Getting really sick of the double standards. What the Obama administration did was CRIMINAL!!!! Someone MUST go to jail.

    1. The whole approving chain must go to jail, theses events not done without approvals O wanted it ‘by the book’ therefore his whole security apparatus was invoilved SOS,FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, DNI Clapper, Rogers, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Holder, Comey, Strzok, Page McCabe, Baker, Ohr’s, Rosenstein, Mueller, Sessions, Hillary, Kerry, Jarrett, Power, Mills, Rice, Blumenthal, + should all be jailed.

  4. I used to LAUGH at and deride conspiracy theorists. I apologize…because now I can see that only a REAL moron would trust the Federal government. They are out for THEMSELVES at our expense. ALL of them on the Left, and most of them on the Right (save for Trump, Paul, and a couple more). Sad.

  5. If this is an example of the clandestine workings of the FBI and the CIA, it’s a wonder we haven’t been invaded by Russia years ago.
    Missteps, blatantly phony documents, sneaking about with whispers to the MSM, everyone looking for Russian agents hiding behind the potted plants at Trump Tower and we have the brilliant misdirection operation ever made public.
    This isn’t 1940, there are listening devices, cameras so small, so powerful that they can hear from hundreds of feet away, or send transmissions anywhere. We know that all our phone calls are monitored, so we can assume that all the Trump people were monitored, too. Campaign donations don’t come in discrete suitcases, they come in wire transfers – all monitored by our government.
    There was no need to insert a spy into the campaign, none whatso ever.
    Hillary Clinton is playing her part, too. As long as she is in the news whining about her loss, being cheated, the Mueller farce can continue.
    IMO< of course.

  6. The fact that the DOJ and dirty FBI operatives like Comey are laying on the lies so thick and heavy tells me that something stinks. You don’t need to lie if you’ve done nothing wrong.

  7. The thing I find most concerning is how many leftists are defending this.

    Not only do they think it was OK for the FBI to spy on a political campaign, they wanted it!

    This will not end well.

  8. Are we, or are we not, a nation of laws?

    If our laws mean anything, then are there not a whole lot of Beltway Brahmins who really ought to be busting rocks at Leavenworth for the rest of their natural lives?

    Is Law the impartial instrument of High Justice, or the abetting artifice of petty tyrants?

    Has the American government now finally decided that it is at long last a rarefied rank, removed from the cares and concerns of the commoners?

    Is this long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, finally evincing a desire to reduce We the People under absolute despotism?

    What, then, shall be our remedy?

    How long, O Lord?

  9. Day by day, the actions of the actors in the criminal conspiracy to destroy the candidacy and then the presidency of Donald Trump become more revealed. These Obama-appointed people, at the highest levels the FBI, the intelligence community, the Democrat party et al have created the biggest political scandal in American history. Their little scheme is over, and they know it,

  10. So much interference then from the stinking rotten UK government and spy apparatus. The UK government donated at least £50 million to the Clinton Foundation in the 2 years before the presidential election. At the current exchange rate that’s $67 million. They expected her to win.

    PS I’m English and the UK government is a steaming pile of you know what.

  11. This just keeps getting better and better. I’m going to need more popcorn. So many lies, so many need 5o shut up and lawyer up.

  12. What is the difference between the U.S & Russia today? In the words of some elitist named Galbraith in the 1950’s, life was to be so altered in the U.S. so as to blend with that of the U.S.S.R & here we are being watched & heard & told what to speak & security systems used against those who disagree. What is this ‘Russian collusion’ commercialmedia show trying to prove? The word that defines these disreal times : asinine.

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