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Video || Trump Welcomes NASCAR Cup Champion Martin Truex Jr. to the White House

This is a White House-produced video. Trump knows who his voters are.

One thing I can assure you of, President Trump doesn’t watch NASCAR. I’m from New York City, and nobody there follows NASCAR. I’m sorry, it’s just not in the culture. If Trump watches auto racing, it’s for the same reason everyone else in New York City – at least the men – does. To see if someone crashes.

Notice I say New York City. Upstate, it’s different.

It’s just like no one in New York City owns a gun. I mean, except the bad guys. Of course, that’s the problem.

And I don’t mean to suggest Trump doesn’t have a genuine connection to NASCAR voters. He does. It’s a remarkable phenomenon. He relates to Americans in the rest of the country so much better than almost anyone I can imagine from New York City.

3 thoughts on “Video || Trump Welcomes NASCAR Cup Champion Martin Truex Jr. to the White House”

  1. Of course, the folks who live in NYC don’t watch NASCAR – the speed limit in the city is, what, 5 mph?
    NASCAR fans aren’t booking flights to NYC to watch Broadway plays or eat at snooty, overpriced restaurants.
    Kinda equals out.
    MrTrump doesn’t “relate” to Americans outside NYC, he reflects what Americans want.

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