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Video || Hillary Clinton Still Cannot Let Go

Sorry, I know I’ve run a few of these, but it’s kind of morbidly fascinating, don’t you think?

It’s getting to the point where I feel sorry for her. An 18-month public cry for help.

Nah, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her, because if there were some way for her to subvert democracy and get herself installed in the Oval Office, she’d do it.

BTW, having just published her memoir of the campaign, Mrs. Clinton is already at work on her next book. White House Dossier has obtained exclusive video of the transcript.

Thanks for another artful compilation by David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon.

21 thoughts on “Video || Hillary Clinton Still Cannot Let Go”

  1. Hillary needs an intervention. Between the Obamas and Clintons sucking money away from the the DNC to finance their “foundations”, I’m surprised the DNC hasn’t dennounced them. So far I’m not impressed with any of their “frontrunners” for 2020.

    1. I’m sure she’s not impressed either…which is why she’s still hanging around. I think she’s waiting it out until she gets her “do over” in 2020.

  2. She and so many others are suffering from PTSD.
    Cue up the u-tube videos of election night reporting at the MSM and see the shock, the fear and emotional outbreaks of the Clinton supporters.
    She was unable to walk out on the stage to admit defeat, probably stunned into a catatonic state.
    She can’t move on until someone admits that she was cheated, that the win was stolen from her, and she doesn’t want to hear that it was her fault.

  3. My goodness… when you get older most people think about what comes next. She’s like the gals in “ Thelma & Louise”..okay honey.. press the accelerator! Please

  4. Hillary Clinton is batshit crazy now, in her declining (please, God) years. You read it everywhere, not just here.

  5. Notice how Hillary, John Kerry Heinz, Nancy Pelosi and so many other libs are circling the “isms” with satan at the center!

  6. What’s worse than Hillary not getting over it is that so many media folks are ENABLING her to not get over it by giving her platforms to constantly give one excuse after another for why she lost and isn’t over it.

    1. That’s because the media is sadistic. It’s poking the bear. Baits her to continue to put her derangement on display. It’s so pathetic. But that Yale gave Hillary a platform is truly sad for what it says about our finest institutions of higher learning.

  7. There is one good thing about her never going away… keeps reinforcing for many people why they voted for Trump and not her. Why they don’t support the Democrats and do support Trump (if not the Republicans).

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  9. “It’s getting to the point where I feel sorry for her.”

    No. If anybody deserves unending misery, it’s this vile, corrupt wench.

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