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Netflix Becomes Obamaflix

Netflix is entering into a multi-year deal with the Obamas to create all kinds of content, effectively making the company a propaganda organ for the Obamas left-wing political agenda.

Netflix described the deal on Twitter, suggesting the alliance will be wide-ranging and deep. From the tweet:

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have entered into a multi-year agreement to produce films and series for Netflix, potentially including scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features.

Barack Obama released a statement portraying this as just a nice way to promote “inspiring” voices.

One of the simple joys of our time in public service was getting to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help them share their experiences with a wider audience. That’s why Michelle and I are so excited to partner with Netflix — we hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world.

Of course, those “inspiring” voices will range from left to far-left – for liberals, these are these are the only “inspiring” voices possible – and promote the Obamas’ ideology.

Netflix is not just biased, like much of the media. It is now actively promoting a point of view.

The Obama’s are not just some private citizens with a dream. They are a powerful former president and first lady seeking to mold America into a leftist paradise, which of course translates into hell on earth. And now they have a major media outlet at their disposal.

We’re already seeing some of this.

Expect more of it. Netflix is not a neutral media platform anymore.

25 thoughts on “Netflix Becomes Obamaflix”

  1. I did not realize they are so huge. Revenue $11.7 billion, net income $559 million. 75 million global subscribers. Their website says join one month free, cancel anytime. I am not a subscriber. Eight years of the Obamas was 8 years too many for me.

  2. Relax. It’s not like Netflix will only show the Obama inspired programming. There are thousands of choices for viewing, ranging from old B&W classics to modern TV series.
    Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and the rest all have choices for the customer’s taste or political leanings.
    Choice is the word.

    1. I agree, I won’t boycott a business that gives me good service and choices. I’m not a Netflix subscriber (and this certainly won’t make me become one) is it one fee for everything or only for the content you want to watch?

      There’s just something so icky about a former President capitalizing on his previous job. Other younger (Carter? Clinton?) formers went into charity work. (ok the jury’s still out on Clinton money laundering “foundation”). Most other prezzies were already productively wealthy before holding office then just rested on their laurels.

      1. You pay a monthly fee for streaming tons of shows & movies. If you want mailed DVDS, one per week it’s an additional cost, or sign up for 2-3…per week for another fee.
        A lot of movies are DVDs not streaming but streaming is huge like you tube, you couldn’t watch it all in your lifetime!

    1. This also means the Obamas will be turning up on all their favorite daytime and late night shows promoting their “work”. That’s okay, I haven’t watched a program they’d go on in years anyhow. :D

  3. No experience in film but a multi year probably multi billion dollar deal. Sounds like the deals the Clintons received. Netflix has jumped the shark repeatedly with normalizing same sex relationships and transgenders even in their children’s programming. I’m cancelling my long time subscription. Lots of better choices out there.

    1. If you don’t get the Turner Classic Movie channel, I recommend their streaming Filmstruck. It probably costs about $7/mo, but we get TCM much cheaper with a FIOs tier upgrade (a happy surprise for me when my hubby went full Sports package upgrade.)

  4. I cancelled Netflix a month or so ago when I realized we weren’t watching it all that much. Just when the grandkids are with us, but since it’s easy enough to turn it on and off, I can wait to see if they ask for it before I turn it on for them. It’s not a boycott thing for me. While I would object to my money supporting the Obamas, I don’t believe they’re actually getting paid from the money subscribers pay. This is just another money-laundering scheme. Netflix will just be a pass-through corporation for money for them. Isn’t that why Netflix put Susan Rice on its board?

    1. “Isn’t that why Netflix put Susan Rice on its board?” Yes. Yes, it is. I don’t look at my cancellation as a boycott, even though it probably is. I look at it as one more small move in my effort to make sure I know who my friends are…and who my enemies are. The lines have been drawn in this country, and we don’t even argue that anymore; we can’t. We’re now all turning our efforts to sharpening the definitions between “them” and “us.” Financially, paying MeFlix my $120/yr isn’t going to turn any tides, anymore than throwing a single loaded magazine to my enemies in a firefight would turn the battle. But I wouldn’t do the latter, so I’m not going to continue doing the former, just to be consistent.

  5. It was with regret that I cancelled MeFlix yesterday, just as the summer doldrums descends on TV World. Maybe there’s another benefit here; I’ll go outside and enjoy being in the world. At the end of the account cancellation process, they ask you why, and one of the radio-button choices is “Other.” So I clicked that, and wrote “Susan Rice? The Obamas? Really? **** you people.” I know that defines me as a semi-literate knuckle-dragger, but sometimes the old Army guy in me just pops out.

  6. Netflix wants to embrace politics then it’s going to figure out the same thing that other liberal leaning businesses have, half the country is not socialist and don’t agree with Democrats.

  7. Chicago Jesus will go on Bill Nye’s “science” program and show how he lowered the ocean levels with his magic scepter.

  8. As with everything Obama touches, Netflix will fail miserably. I know of thousands of people, including myself, that cancelled Netflix the very day they announced the Illegal, Racist, Anti-American Scumbags were in.

  9. Feel sorry for all of those conservative Netflix subscribers? Just like the FB scam, I guess. Seems that the NObamas want access to the millions more names they can add to their listings. Susan Rice on the board, the O’s in a contract–what could be better for the LEFT?

  10. I’m a 20+ year DVD only subscriber but supporting these crooks is having me send in my cancelation. If we stop supporting anything to support the liberal far left agenda, eventually they may get the hint. anyway.

  11. It always bothered me how much time those two spent making funny little movies during their White House years. Now they can be a real comedy team. God help us.

  12. The majority of big time movies since 1965 to the present invented an unrecognizable America that most people accept as true. A lot 1950-1980 big time movies sympathized with the social issues of ‘inequality’ & ‘injustice’. Then there are the anti war movies (EXCEPT for WWII & the Middle East chronic carnage) throughout 20th/21st century celluloid. One is better off viewing B & C movies from 1946-1970 which tend to depict good, bad, & evil for what they really are including their consequences & just judgements.

  13. There is so much content on Netflix that no matter how much promotion they do, you have to search stuff out to see it. The kind of crap that Obummer will likely come up with will get lost in the noise.
    There will be people that watch it, and people that laugh at it…
    First up will be: “My Son, Trayvon.” Followed by the talk show: “Beer Summit”…
    The media is liberal…no way around it…
    Cancelling a subscription won’t do much….having a subscription and giving shows a thumbs down WILL do something….

  14. I do not know the Obama’s. Im sure they are nice folks. I do not like 90% of former Pres. Obama’s policies. I will wait and see and as long as I don’t feel something is being crammed down my throat, I will continue to use Netflix. If it starts to look like a propaganda arm of the extreme left, I’ll exercise my right and spend my money elsewhere.

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