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White House Communications Staffers Fret Amid Talk of “Purge”

Reports are circulating that we will see a major house cleaning at the White House to try to exterminate leakers on the White House communications staff.

How do we know? Probably the senior White House staffers who themselves leak all the time – and will do the firing – let reporters in on it.

I would expect something this afternoon or evening – this is the kind of thing you want to do but don’t need a lot of press for, so Friday evening is best.

People right now are at their desks like sitting ducks waiting for the Secret Service to come escort them out. Not a pretty sight.

According to Fox News:

Following a week marked by damaging leaks and intense media scrutiny, rattled White House communications staffers have been told in closed-door meetings that a major purge is likely coming soon

Junior communications staffers nervous, scared, and disheartened after hearing about the possible shakeup coming soon, sources told Fox News.

Some in the White House tell Fox News that they believe administration bigwigs like Conway are in fact some of the worst leakers, leading junior staffers in the communications department to feel the warnings of an impending purge are unfair.

The uncertainty and tension has led several junior staffers — and even some top staffers — in the communications department to look for an exit, according to White House sources. But finding good landing spots outside of the Trump White House has been difficult for some.

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  1. If one hasn’t leaked anything, then nothing to fear.
    If your a leaker and you know who you are, box’s are available to pack yo’ s**t.

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