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Trump Explains to Biased Media That by “Animals” He Meant MS-13

The reporting on this has been atrocious. Just look at the headline on the video below, “Trump calls some illegal immigrants ‘animals.'” That is completely misleading. Other news outlets reported it the same way.

He was obviously referring, during a meeting Wednesday, to MS-13 gang members, not “some illegal immigrants.”

He was asked about it Thursday and went to the trouble to explain what was obvious but ignored by most of the MSM.

Sarah Sanders was asked too, and had a field day with it.

8 Responses to Trump Explains to Biased Media That by “Animals” He Meant MS-13

  1. I don’t know why he even had to explain…his “animals” answer was in direct response to a question about MS-13.

    Of course, the Dems and MSM are now shifting the narrative saying no one should be called an animal. If their 2018 platform is to defend vicious, murderous gang members, good luck with that!

  2. I just love Sarah Sanders, she is so adept, subtly biting & logical with oodles of mature patience dealing with such stupid questions daily. She is a woman that young girls can aspire to be like.

  3. MS 13 is also sophisticated. In El Salvador they will kidnap a marriage age girl. They tell her to cooperate or they will kill her family. Then they find a guy and tell him she can get him a green card. They marry. She has he take out a life insurance policy. $60,000. They kill him and collect.

    I gave up on MSM a long time ago.

  4. Remember it takes about a 5th grade understanding of English to get accepted to college these days…Can’t expect too much from these folks…