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Trump Expected to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

President Trump is likely to resurrect regulations drawn up by the Reagan administration that would lead to a reduction in funding for Planned Parenthood even without a congressional cutoff.

The move, according to The Hill, could help generate enthusiasm among conservatives whom Republicans are desperate to turn out for the 20189 midterms.

The Hill reports:

The regulations would ban organizations that receive family planning dollars under the Title X Family Planning Program, which funds organizations providing services like birth control to low-income women and men, from promoting abortion or referring patients for abortions.

Former President Reagan first issued the regulations, which Democrats describe as a “domestic gag rule,” in 1988. They also require a physical and financial separation of Title X funding recipients from abortion providers . . .

Their hope is that the restrictions will dissuade Planned Parenthood clinics from participating in Title X. Some clinics could also become ineligible if their family planning services are offered in the same location as abortion services.

“It’s a way to wiggle away at Planned Parenthood federal funding, and a way to reinforce the idea that abortion is not family planning,” Marcum said . . .

That’s right. It’s not family planning if they’re promoting abortion. It’s family unplanning.

In fact, I think an organization opposing the group should be established and called “Unplanned Parenthood” to help people decide to keep the baby they didn’t mean to produce in the heat of passion.

The regulations were never implemented under Reagan because of legal challenges, but they were upheld by he Supreme Court in May 1991. The rule was only in effect for a single month in 1992 before the Clinton administration suspended it and years later replaced it with something else.

Which begs the question, why didn’t George W. Bush reinstate this? Just another case of Trump acting as easilly the most conservative president since Reagan – and maybe before, if there was anyone more conservative than Reagan – while conservative NeverTrumpers continue to bellyache about him.

2 thoughts on “Trump Expected to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding”

  1. ABOUT TIME! I can’t IMAGINE the Left allowing tax dollars to fund the NRA. This is NO different at all except that Planned Parenthood is in business to take lives…the very thing they all ACCUSE the NRA of!

    Leftists are such lying hypocrites.

  2. While I’m not anti or pro in this “debate”…There is a place for the procedure in medicine at times…I certainly don’t believe it is a form of contraception, and don’t think our tax dollars should be involved….

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