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Republicans Running Massive Grassroots Operation to Save 2018 Midterms

Well look at this. A little community organizing by Republicans. The GOP would do well to take a page out of Barack Obama’s playbook since Barack Obama WON THE PRESIDENCY TWICE.

From an article in Politico, which in this case does a nice job of laying out a news story about something Republican are doing without the usual caveats about how evil the whole thing is:

Republicans have amassed a sprawling shadow field organization to defend the House this fall, spending tens of millions of dollars in an unprecedented effort to protect dozens of battleground districts that will determine control of the chamber.

The initiative by the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), now includes 34 offices running mini-campaigns for vulnerable Republicans throughout the country. It has built its own in-house research and data teams and recruited 4,000 student volunteers, who have knocked on more than 10 million doors since February 2017.

CLF’s new, more targeted structure also overshadows that of its Democratic rival, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC, which has no field locations.

CLF’s midterm strategy, which emphasizes long-term voter engagement, is not normal for a super PAC. Typically, lawmakers’ campaigns and the National Republican Congressional Committee deal with field work and get-out-the-vote efforts — then PACs like CLF swoop in to fill in the blanks with what Bliss often refers to as “shitty TV ads.”

But Ryan’s political allies decided last year that that model wasn’t working — and that CLF, with its seemingly endless resources, was a “sleeping giant,” as they called it.

GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson has provided tens of millions of dollars for the effort.

Activists have been knocking on doors and ringing phones since the beginning of last year, heading back to the same people repeatedly to lock up their vote for local House candidates. The idea stems from a simple concept that every child knows about his parents: Keep asking, and eventually you may get to “yes.”

3 Responses to Republicans Running Massive Grassroots Operation to Save 2018 Midterms

  1. Going old school, again. Didn’t they learn anything from the Trump campaign, see how the voters learn about and decide who to vote for?
    Next we’ll learn they have spent millions on pollsters to tell them who people will vote for and why.
    Door to door – doesn’t work
    TV ads- real turn-off and most are FF’d.
    Big campaign signs – eye garbage
    Telephone ring-ups- irritating
    Emails do work.
    TV interviews, good
    Utube,Facebook,Twitter, etc, good.
    A voter’s mind won’t change unless there is a good reason to do so. They can’t be forced or shamed into voting.
    RNC is wasting it’s money.

  2. You know, they wouldn’t have to resort to such tactics if they actually DID what they promised to do if people elected them.

    Like, oh, I don’t know … repealing Obamacare?